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wat up yo im gonn kepp this fucken SHOT n SWETT – SHEP N GIL nedd u 2 fuckern get out teh VOTE 4 rell 4 rell cuz yo we in the SWETT 16 aginst r guddd frends th GUDD FITE so ye JUST GO N VOT 4 us at teh PHELD cuz u hav that fucken RITE 2 VOTE N DEMOCRASSY cuz GEROGE WASHINTON DYED 4 THT SHIT way bak in fucken WERLD WAR I wen he had a fucken SORDFITE wit MOOSILINI


n then he fucken rescue ANNE FUCKEN FRINK or sum shit hahahahahahah cuz he liek teh laddys 4 rell 5 rell

but anyway ye go here n vote 4 ur boys cuz we promisse th fllowin fucken things: Read the rest of this entry »


YO SPROTINO hers a full fucken LIST y u shud vote SHEOP N GIL at th fucken ballet box TADAY by 5 PM 4 th fucken fucken PHEILD COMPETTITINO

1. we fucken hraedestcore

2. we fucken fucken HOTASS BIRCH on th reg liek tht fucken bitch from fucken SCRUBS

yo this sho suck mad dick but u no ur boys SHEP N GIL still fuck them fucklen BRODDS ye so CAST UR FUCKEN BALLET 4 US

3. we fucken stole EDDY JORDINS LAPTOP n get r BLOG on on it on th fucken REG

4. we smokk a FAT BLUNT wit MARC ZUMOFF las nite Read the rest of this entry »


hers ur 2011 oscer NOMINATINOS

n ye since this teh 701 LEVEL of corse all r predictins r from purre SABARMETRICAS so u no they b 105% RITE



"SUP EARTH SPROTS yo fuck th HUT LOCKER n fuck TH KINGS SPECH" - avatar


th fucken guy who did them hobbit movies prolly Read the rest of this entry »

TWAZ teh fucken NITE b5 CHRRIOSMISS n all trhu teh fucken HAUSE

not any CREETURE wuz doin TIT, not even a guddass SPROT FAN

teh stokkins were hanged up RELL FUCKEN GUDD

in hops taht ST NIKK wud soon clap up th fucken EARTH

hahahahaha YO ORNIMENT thas a guddass JOEK cuz u tlkain bout BIG DICKS liek SHEP N GIL hav hahahahahahaha YO I NO u aint rel but me n SHEP wud still fuck u 4 RELL eqal OPPORTUNITY SON

th BRUHS n LADDY BRUHS were sleppin in bed

n sum rell colo dudes wer gettin guddass HEDD Read the rest of this entry »


teh fucklen WRODPRESS be buggin son but wat shuyd teh next PSOT be bout im thikkin of doin 1 bout how CIFL LEES fucken SIERRA is madd hi as a fucken KIT or how we fuccken had guddass fucken SEXX wit MICHEL OBAMA las nite but teh THING is i told OBAMA we wudnt fucken do a PSOT bout it cuz its a mattar of NATINAL SECORITY n shit

i dunno son meebee ill do PSOT bout hut dogs n how ther so TATSY that they got a fucken VORP of like 4 or 7

but then i wuz fucken SKYPPIN JUIO ASSANGO n he liek YE SON IM GONNA RELEESE THAT SHIT hahahaha fucken austrian mutherfuck

yo or mebbe we do PSOT bout fylers fucken CHRISMASS brake n how they gon get madd CHRISMISS PUSSAY

or mebbe a more fucken SERIOS PSOT liek a VERRY SPESHAL PSOT all bout how ROSS GLODE aint got no PUSSSSAY since liek AGUST when he bang that fucken hotass DUNK DONUTE EMPLYEE n how thas rell sadd CUZ HOW U GON hav a gudd fucken SIERRA if u aint gotten pussay in a lil bit

haha yo rember this nite mebbe we can rite bout wat WE DID hahahah u rember taht shit affer teh fucken sixer PASER gaem

alrite BRAH hit me bakk son YO MISS U i hope teh MOON is madd fun hahahah erryone here wuz liek HOLLY SHIT IT A LOONER ECLIPE n i wuz liek yeee SHEP UP THER SON reppin 701 n they liek ye


ur fucken PAL


YE SPROT so how wuz ur WEKKEND??? yes yes thas gudd 2 her MINE OH IT WUZ FUKKEN GUDD AS FUCKLEN TIT thank u 4 askin HAHAHHAHA…… yeeeeeeeee so th E A G L L S EAGLES SSSSSSS got a fucken guddasss WIN SHARE yessterday n so thas guddd n SHADDY MCCOY the tit hahahahaha n MIK VIKS VORP is at a ALL TIM HI n yeh of corse me n SHEP got a lottt SEX SHARES YE

mmmmm wate a minite let me c mmmmmm YES WE HAD SEX WIT ERRY1 of thees FINASS PRINSESSES haha ye son ye FCK U BABAR u shit ass HUT

ok sprot MONDY METTBALL MADDNISSS TIME YE: Read the rest of this entry »

YO SPROT FANS happy fucken MONDY n taday is a FUCKEN BEATIFUL DAY 4 fucken RELL cuz gess wat. not olyn did ur BRAHS SHEP N GIL wach teh EGLES CLAP n the SIXRES clap n EAST LYNN DOYLES PUSSAY yeserday, but tadays evenn BIGGAR THAN TAT: yes son thas rite: MONDFY METTBALL MADDNISSSSS much luv 2 all u SPROT FANS WHO SUBBMITTED may allah makk u all very fucken FERTLE: ok hers wat u been watin teh fuck 4 yes METTBALLS SON:

4 r first METTBALL PIC: here is a fucken delicios METTBALL SANWICH taht r gudd fuken BRAH On the twinker KEVIN DORAN sent us. me n shep liek this 1 a llot cuz he fucken DIDNT JUS SETTLE teh SETTLE UP 4 jus tomatto sause... he wuz liek "FUCK U SON i aint haff assin this SHIT I WANT RELL TOMATTOS 2 SON" n teh peple at WAW prolly liek "OH TIT SON" hahahah yes. 4 this SHEP N GIL SALOOT U SON U R BOY

oh yeh n u can find him on TWINK rite hre

SO NEX UP is a hole fucken biggass POTT of METTBALLS gettin cokked teh fucken POT UP 4 rell son. THIS IS FROM DAVE PRIMEVERA nuther guddass BRUH from teh TWINKER. hahaha but 4 rell son HE AINT MESSIN AROUNT he liek teh fucken MORTY MORNIWEG of cokkin guddass METTBALL cuz he all liek "YO all u birfches who thikkin liek 4 or 6 mettballs enuff HAHAHAHAHH NAW SON JUS NAW u best hav liek 1 thousnat of them shits n y u ask? CUZ THEY MADD FUCKEN TATSY THAS Y liek a guddass deliciosass TATSYKAKE ecept fucken BETTAR"

n yeh r boy DAVE PRIMAVARA on the twinker RITE FUCKEN HER IN THIS LINK Read the rest of this entry »

thas fucken RITE SPROT FANS get reddy cuz tadays GAM gon be off teh HOKK ahahahahahah

Read the rest of this entry »

hahahaha YO SPROT FANS GUDD FUCKEN MORNINO so lissen last nite i wuz jus layin in my bed drinkin a fucken FRESCA n yo u mite be sayin “YO GIL HOW COMM u were drinkin a FRESCA SON u had alreddy BRUST UR TEETH teh fucken BRUSH UP??”” well thas EAZY son i had jus fucken finish BANGIN OUT ELANE SENFELD so i had to REPLENSH my electriclights n all taht guddass VITTIMIN SHIT. but yeh so we wuz havvin sum PILLOW TLAK bout shit WATEVER WATEVER n she liek “HAHA yo GIL how u thik KRAMER SENIFELD doin thesee days??” n im liek “LISSEN BABBY i got u let me ask this fucklen brah JON HYEMAN he owe me BIG cuz we give him HOT SPROT TIPS sumtiem” n yo thats when fucklen babbyback birchass JON HYEMAN got hit wit a fucken POWERFULASS CLAP CALP teh LIEKS of which he obviosly aint NEVVER SEEN bfore:

hahahahahahahahahahahhaha FUCKIN BORCH SON yeh sup HEYMAN sorry son but u jus got CLAPT teh fucken CLAP UP by SHEP N GIL SON hahahah yeh n u aint never fuckt ELANE SENFELD neether SO FUCK U haha n aslo did u C he say “COME AGAIN” hahaha THAS WAT SHE SED SON yes FUCK U


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