teh fucklen WRODPRESS be buggin son but wat shuyd teh next PSOT be bout im thikkin of doin 1 bout how CIFL LEES fucken SIERRA is madd hi as a fucken KIT or how we fuccken had guddass fucken SEXX wit MICHEL OBAMA las nite but teh THING is i told OBAMA we wudnt fucken do a PSOT bout it cuz its a mattar of NATINAL SECORITY n shit

i dunno son meebee ill do PSOT bout hut dogs n how ther so TATSY that they got a fucken VORP of like 4 or 7

but then i wuz fucken SKYPPIN JUIO ASSANGO n he liek YE SON IM GONNA RELEESE THAT SHIT hahahaha fucken austrian mutherfuck

yo or mebbe we do PSOT bout fylers fucken CHRISMASS brake n how they gon get madd CHRISMISS PUSSAY

or mebbe a more fucken SERIOS PSOT liek a VERRY SPESHAL PSOT all bout how ROSS GLODE aint got no PUSSSSAY since liek AGUST when he bang that fucken hotass DUNK DONUTE EMPLYEE n how thas rell sadd CUZ HOW U GON hav a gudd fucken SIERRA if u aint gotten pussay in a lil bit

haha yo rember this nite mebbe we can rite bout wat WE DID hahahah u rember taht shit affer teh fucken sixer PASER gaem

alrite BRAH hit me bakk son YO MISS U i hope teh MOON is madd fun hahahah erryone here wuz liek HOLLY SHIT IT A LOONER ECLIPE n i wuz liek yeee SHEP UP THER SON reppin 701 n they liek ye


ur fucken PAL