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hav u had a gudd n harty SUNDY FUCKEN BRUNCH N SHIT???

haha wow thats absolottly GRAND hahahaha luvly yes

yo but annyway so yo FUCKERN TAMPLE LOST in dubble OT n that shiatass cuz Read the rest of this entry »

YOOOOOO SPROTIANOS que fucken passsa HOY

jajajajajaja si si BUNEOS FUCKEN DIAZ N SHIT

yo so friddy fucken MARQIE MACHUP at teh CORE STATE CENTER wuz th SIXERS n th fucken CELTICS n teh NEWS MEDDIA wuz callin it a fucken DAVID N GOLIETH STORRY


wate u dont no teh STORY OF DAVID N GOLTH sprotinoss? Read the rest of this entry »

YO SPROTINOS so i c that now th fucken NEW YORK NICKS (more liek NEW YORK fucken FUCKS hahahahahahahahahahahah get it)  get CARMELLO ANTONY

hahahahahah u prolly mad that u aint on th SIXERS yeh I C IT IN UR EYES u fuck

n so now they fucken think they HOT SHIT n shit n they all liek

“YES yo we  hot shit now N NOW WE FUCKEN got th SIXTH SEED on lokk 4 RELL yo NOW TH SIXXERS will nevver catch US”

wipe tht fucken SMUG LOKK off ur face u fucken TOM CELEK LOKKIN MUTHERFUCJKAER

hahahahahahahahahahaha yeh rite son U THINK WE SCERRED??? ye mebbe sum pepple n brahs n BITCH BRAHS r

but not SHEP n GIL

y, u ask loyle SPROT FANS???

welllll cuz it jus so happen that ur fucken boys SHEP n GIL dint jus majer in JOURNISM durin r fucken MATRICULATINO at DEVRY UNAVERSITY yeh we aint simple liek that cuz chekk it

we aint no single majers or fucken 1 majer wit shitass MINER hahahahah no sprot fan no way WE FUCKEN DUBBLE MAJERED th DUBBLE MAJER UP in fucken both JOURNAISM n GEENEEOLOGY

ye sprot fucken SHEP N GIL hav clapt up a FAMLY TREE or 2 in r TIEM no fucken joek

n geeneeology isa kind of SABARMETRIC wen u fucken LERN BOUT PEEPLES FAMLYS n ANSESTRY n shit n u lern bout wether they fucken cam from liek JOLLY OLDE ENGLANT or fucken SCOTLANDE or from fucken TALLAHASSEY Read the rest of this entry »

YO SPRORT so teh SIXERS hav benn th fucken TIT lattly as u prolly no but then they lost las nite n me n SHEP both lokk at eech other in th fucken PRESS BOXX affer the gaem

ye so STAY OUT MUTHERFUCKERS unlass u got them PERSS CRENDENTINOS liek fucken SHEP n GLI

n we liek

“YO accordin 2 r CALCOLATINOS orlendos VORP aint rrelly 2 gudd n th SIXERRS IS so how do they loose cuz NUMBARS aint nevr LYYY”

but then we lokk at the MEDIO GUIDE n we c a numbar that aint 2 fucken gudd: Read the rest of this entry »




yeee son fucken JURE HALLDAY n BUD SEELIG jus chillin out relaxin n fucken CHILLIN AGIN

YO SPROTT   gess who clapp up th pissass fuckemn NER JORSEY NETS las nite

do u giv up yet???

hers a fucken CLUE:

it wuz th 76ER hahaha

n yo JURE HALLADAY got his FIRST CARERE TRIPPLE DUBBLE so thas fucken awsum son n hes olny fucken TWENNY YERS OLD hahahah u beleev that SPROT n shit son I REMBER back in teh DAY wen i wuz TWENNY i fucken had sex wit JANE MANSFELD SENFELD so it wuz a pritty gudd yere

SUP BABBY yo fucken JANE MANSFIELD SENFELD we had a guddass FLING bakk in teh DAY hahahah gudd tims gudd tim

but yo that got gil thinkin: Read the rest of this entry »


YO u pritty hot babby BUT FUCK TEH METES n yo ICE CUB u alrite n yo SPROT FANS u jus got fucken clapt up by a 701 EXCULSIVEfucken IVASTAGATIVE REPROT: whos fucken oldeer ICE CUB or LEAH RIMINI SEINFIELD: ye its CUBE

ok so frist thing on th fucken AJENDA is MIEK VICK n DAVID AKKERS singefucjn HANDADLY won th PRO BOLE or shud i say 4 AKKERS “singel futtedly” hahahahahahahah YO DO U GET IT cuz he fucken use his futt 2 kick rell gudd n shit hahahahah YO N MUCH LIUV 2 ur famlu david 4 rell SHEP n GIL GOT U n o yeh FUCK TH AFC cuz chekk it

DAVID AKKERS n pro BLOGER GIL THORPE fucken liviin liek KING in KAWAII 4 th PRO BOLE ye u no it sprot u NO IT

yo brahs be sayin th SUPPER BOLE th best 1 but FUCK THAT cuz yo chekk out this fucken ANALGY: Read the rest of this entry »

YO MAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSEEE SPATTTTTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSS wuz on on POINT 3nite 4 rell YOOOO hahahahah n since fucken RAPTERS beet us twice alreddy they prolly think they gon do it AGIN but heres th fuckenn THING they aint cuz they liek thtosse fucken shitass REEL DINSORES

"RAAAAAARRR roar o ye im relly fucken SCERRY" hahahahahahahah QUIT IT SON cuz me n fucken SHEPDAWG aint been scery of DINYSARS eever since we fucken Kill a TRISARATOPS at th ZOO

who think they got fucken SHIT on teh CAVEMAN n NENDERTHALS n fucken PROMETHEUMS n shit  but 4 rell th fucken CAVMANS r mad TUFF

"FUCK U CHRIOS BOSH or whover on th fucken RAPTERS now"

hahahahahahahahah BUT YO U FUCKEN WERNT u got fucken CLAPT the fucken COMET up by a fucken bigass fucken fieryass COMET

"FUCK ALL OF U" - bigass COMET

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`YOOOOO SPROT taday we fucken DIN IN HELL hahahahahah shit i meen we did las nite CUZ THE SHITASS WAHINGTINO WIZZERDS came in liek they wuz th fucken BALCK RIDDERS liek “BIGGINS…. wehre the FUCK r teh BIGGINSES”

YO FUCK U NAZGUL hahahaha U AINT GONNA toch teh fucken HUBBITS or teh SIXERS u nedd 2 get on r fucken LEVAL

hahahahahahahah n fucken liek i gess ED STEFENSKI or sum1 wuz liek “THERE AINT NO fucklen BIGGINESES here u gott 2 go 2 HUBBITON akak THE WACOVIA FIRGO CENRER”

but wate acually i ment the wizzerds r liek the fuck shitass bad WIZZERD SARUMON hahahaha ye thas more APPROPRIOTE I GESS so ye ye fucken FILP SANDERS is SARUONMAN

u cant c but he gettin a fucken BJ unnder teh tabble from that fucken GOLLEM guy prolly or WORM TONGE mebbe

nn DOGU COLLENS IS GANDOFF  Read the rest of this entry »