YO SPROT FANS happy fucken MONDY n taday is a FUCKEN BEATIFUL DAY 4 fucken RELL cuz gess wat. not olyn did ur BRAHS SHEP N GIL wach teh EGLES CLAP n the SIXRES clap n EAST LYNN DOYLES PUSSAY yeserday, but tadays evenn BIGGAR THAN TAT: yes son thas rite: MONDFY METTBALL MADDNISSSSS much luv 2 all u SPROT FANS WHO SUBBMITTED may allah makk u all very fucken FERTLE: ok hers wat u been watin teh fuck 4 yes METTBALLS SON:

4 r first METTBALL PIC: here is a fucken delicios METTBALL SANWICH taht r gudd fuken BRAH On the twinker KEVIN DORAN sent us. me n shep liek this 1 a llot cuz he fucken DIDNT JUS SETTLE teh SETTLE UP 4 jus tomatto sause... he wuz liek "FUCK U SON i aint haff assin this SHIT I WANT RELL TOMATTOS 2 SON" n teh peple at WAW prolly liek "OH TIT SON" hahahah yes. 4 this SHEP N GIL SALOOT U SON U R BOY

oh yeh n u can find him on TWINK rite hre

SO NEX UP is a hole fucken biggass POTT of METTBALLS gettin cokked teh fucken POT UP 4 rell son. THIS IS FROM DAVE PRIMEVERA nuther guddass BRUH from teh TWINKER. hahaha but 4 rell son HE AINT MESSIN AROUNT he liek teh fucken MORTY MORNIWEG of cokkin guddass METTBALL cuz he all liek "YO all u birfches who thikkin liek 4 or 6 mettballs enuff HAHAHAHAHH NAW SON JUS NAW u best hav liek 1 thousnat of them shits n y u ask? CUZ THEY MADD FUCKEN TATSY THAS Y liek a guddass deliciosass TATSYKAKE ecept fucken BETTAR"


yo IF U A FAN of BABSELL BLOIGS then this mite be fucken FAMILAR FACE eastin them GUDDASS METTBALLS: yes u got it bruh: it fucken CHRIOS JOONES akak LONGDIVE akaka BRAH who b ritin 4 teh FITTINS n aslo LONGDIVE. hahaha but yeh we liekin the ACTION SHOT SON u c teh DELITE n FEROSHITY of him eastin a guddass METTBALL SANWICH he all liek "HAHAHAHA THIS IS GUDD n if u tryna east it FUCK U SON unless u a finass LADDY but still FUCK U BABBY u aint gettin m METTBALL" yes CHRIOS U R BOY SON

yo CHRIOS on twinker so fllow him n aslo WE GOT LINK 2 his guddass websit on teh LEFT SON so fucken visitt it teh fucklen VIST UP YE

YO SO THIUS HER obviosly aint a PIC OF METTBALL but wit this PIC r guddass PAL KEVVIN SHUCKY proove 2 us that he set 2 CLAP SUM METTBALLS UP much latter in teh NITE hopfully wit a FINASS DATE hahahaha yes DINER N A MOVIE SON liek fucken UP IN TEH AIR hahahaha yo is tsht still in THEETERS wit fucken GERORGE CLUUUNTY?? hahaha yo he waz legit as TIT N TIT in oseans 11 4 rell son. annyway r boy KEV got his COOPON on son yes bein MADD THRIFFY n thas gdd cuz then u got mor MUNNY 4 fucken SPROT TIX n LADDYS yes n aslo OTTHER GUDDASS SHIT sup son YO SON HOPE IT WUZ MADD TATSY hahaha yo OF CORASE IT FUCKEN WUZ IT METTBALL SON


yo so fhers anuther TATSYSADD METTBALL from r old FREND MIKE MOLLORSA hahahah yo HE GETTIN MADD ORGINAL 2 got sum HELTHYASS VEJJIES o ther on teh HELTH TIP n thas GUDD cuz in teh HOLLYASS KORANNN allah all liek "U MUST TRETT UR BODDY MAD GUDD cuz it liek A TAMPLE n wen u fucken gettin ur MORNIN ABLUTIONS on u best be east HELTHY" n thas wat happen wen u put GUDDASS BEGETABLE on ur mettball yessssssss SUP MIKE U R BOY


spekkin of HELTHYASS fucken NUTRITOSASS METTBALL hers CHRIS HARRIS mettball sanwich. yo ME N SHEP liekin all these fucken mettballs on teh ORGINAL TIP no jokk cuz a METTBALL liek a SNOFLAKK they all madd fucken AWSOME n aslo the TIT. so CHRS thak u SON u r boy now n amny1 evver fucken MESS WIT U jus call SHEP N GIL n we gon ba liek "HAHAHAHA JUJITSOO time" n fucken KARATTY CHOP taht shittyass SHIT in teh fucken BALLSAKK hahaha ye


yes sprot fans..... ur eyes aint DECEEVIN U teh DECEEV UP.... fucken subwy mettball n ASLSO ELLLLIOS hahahahahaha yes thas my fucken AFTER SEX SPECALTY SNAKK n yes i gess ir brah JEFF TURNE akaka UTLEY4GDO muss thikk it gudd 4 that 2 CUZ HE PROLLY JUS FINSH BANGIN ELANE SENFELD b4 he clap this up n NORMLLY SHEP N GIL haf 2 clap u 4 TAHT but it cool if JEFF DO IT cuz he r BRUH now so hecool 2 fuck elan SENFELD

her is his twink UTLEY4GID

yo so i cudnt sav this PIC so hopfully GIL FUCKEN TOKK A GUDDASS SCRENSHOTT but annyway it wuz worth it cuz a finass LADDY LINANA CHOISKY madd up a swett BOLE of mettballs jus liek my fucken STEPDAD use 2 n it lokk madd TATSY las u wud ESPECT so YES SON hahahaha CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPACLPCLAPLCCLCPAPCLAPAP thas wat i wanna do to thos METTBALS sup LINNA comm 2 HQ 4 rell

hers her TWINK BRAHS

last but not fucklen LEEST r fuckin finass laddy frned NINNA DAGOSTININA sent us this fucklen pic of sum finass fuckwn GUDDASS ITALAN DININ wit METTBALL hahahah yo MADD FANCCY cuz she liek a TRU ITALAN hahha yes BRAHS gil feel liek he in fucken OLOVE GRARDEN up in her now 4 RELL SON yes HAHAHA this METTBALL KWIZINE lokk so gudd liek ALLAH HIMSELF MADD IT but naw son it wuz NANNA DADSTINO hahah yes

yo annyway DONT FUCKEN 5GET nina dagstino is fucken HRADESTCORE 4 LIEF n so is CHRIOS JONES by teh WAY n aslo she is 1 of teh OFFICAL MODLES OF 701 HRADCORE MERCHANDASE INC. ye n aslo hers he TWINKER

oh TIT yo we hadd 1 LAS MINTUE SUBMISHIN n yes K DORANN just easted anuther METTBALL 4 fucken RELL thas HRADESTCROE SON NO JOKE hahaha

DORAN u hradestcore son 4 fucken RELL n jus 4 this secont pic we got AMANDA PEET 2 say u can now RECEEV 5 HANJOBS FROM HER on a fucklen DATE of ur chosing YES SON 4 RELL THAT is teh PWOER OF ALLAH

PRAISE ALLAH. n yo SPROT let us no if we MIST UR METTBALL cuz u no we luv all METTBALLS EQALLY n aslo kepp submittin em cuz u no wat NEX MONDY IS…… hahahahahahahah YES MONDY METTBALL MEADDNESS all over AGIN hahahah yo FUCK TEH NICKS N CLOTS N CAPITLES go fylers n fucken egles bn SIXRERS n lynn doyles PUSSAY n aslo ALL U FINASS METTBALL EASTERS 1 fucken LUV SON