SUP SPROT FANS this is GIL THORPE n this here 701 LEVEL is me n my BOY SHEPS fuckin BLOG SON. hope u liek it as much as u luv PHILLY SPROT cuaz that wat we all about bruh we all about taht n PUSS Y m ALLAH n fuckin GOODASSFRUCKNI foodd liek a fuchki HUGRYMAN MICOWAVABLE. si yeh all ya HATTER can suk on my DICK n so cann teh LADDIES but in a good way FEEL ME yeh u prolly DO oh yeh im a bit of a SABRAMTERICIN i liek shit liek BABIPS N BORP N UTIMATE SZONE RATIN yeh I FFOrgot to say taht btu nyway wr gona kpp this SHIT RAW for yall so PECE OUT ONE LUV RAISE ALLAH