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YO APARENTLY fucken JASSON WERTH sined wit th fucken NATINALS n thats fucken NOT LEGITT son

wat th fucken FICK??????

yo hav u fucken HERD THIS SHIAT????

sum fuckern SHIT

yo but it alrite cuz DOM BRON gudd n so is BARD FRANSISCO SON

so bascally jasson werth, go try n fucken b part of th CONGRASS wit ORRAN HATCH or watever th fuck in WASHERTON DC but shep n gil olny got 3 word 2 say 2 u son:

"FUCK U" - shep n gil

alrite so if u fucken liek UP 2 th fucken MINNITE news liek that then VOTE 701 in teh 2011 PHELD do it u olny got til fucken FIV TADAY



yo it pritty fucken gudd hahahahahahaha it got sum fucken ITALAN brah or liek IRISH or sumthin n it kinda borin but it acually LEGIT tho cuz it lik fucken SENFIELD n he jus c weird shit hahahaha it jus all bout his fucken LIEF n his daugters n shit n how he liek doin STANDUP n how he fucken VEW TH WORLD N SHIT ye chek it out sprot fans

gudd show gudd show

"2 my ST LOUSI fans.... suck my fucken bigass LEHIHG VALLY DICK" - PUJOS

FREE AGENTSY PLACE  FLARDA -reprots commin out of fucken SPRIG TRANIN suggst taht ALBART “shitass fucken bitchass fucken CARDNALass fucken AINT GOT DICK ON RYN HOWARD” PUJOLSO want 2 sine wit PHILEY n her is his fucken STATMENT:

“YO SPROT FANS i no yall fucken want me 2 b liek STAN MUSHAL n fucken ROGER HONONBY n fucken CHRIS CARPTAR n shit n alwys b a fucken ST LOU CARDANAL


but teh hnesst anser is taht I HAV FUCKN RELLIZED over teh yeres that th ST LOUS FRONT OFFOCE< teh palyers, teh coches, n especally th FANS r all a bunch o BABYBACKBITCHASSSES who cn fucken FUCK a DICK 4 rell.

"mmmm ye y dont u all fucken STEP off my DCK n fucken KILL URSALFS cuz u aint got SHITE on teh IRON PIFG FATHEFUL"

AT THIOS TIEM, teh honerable RUBBEN AMARASO has maed me teh OFFER of a LIFTIEM Read the rest of this entry »


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