FUCKEN CALL ME GIL. sum yers ago – never mined howe fucken LONG PRESISLY – havin lil or no fucken MUNNY in my fucken purse, n nuttin in particuler 2 intrest me on SHORE, i thoght i wud fucken BLOG about a lil n c th ONLINE part of teh world wit my best frend SHEP. ITS a way i hav of DRIVVIN off th fucken SPLENN n regulatin th CIRCULATINO n shit. wenever i find myslef growin GRIM about th moth; wenever its a fucken DAMP DRIZZLEY NOVAMBER wit no PHILES PSOTSEESON in my sole; wenever i fucken find mysef n SHEPS self paussin b4 COFFIN WEARHOUSES, n bringin up th REER (hahahah reer liek ass) of erry FUCKEN FUNEREL we mett; n efuckenSPECCALLY wen my lackk of gudd PSOT get such a UPPER HAND of me, thtt it reqire a STRONGASS morle fucken PRINCIPAL n SHEP 2 prevant me from deliberetely steppin in2 teh midle of fucken BRODD STRETT, n methodicly clappin up peeples HATS – then, me n SHEP accont it HI TIME 2 fucken watch a SPROT n drop a PSOT as soono as we can. this is r SUBSTITTOOT 4 pistle n ball. wit a fucken philasophicalass FLORISH catto thro himslef upon his fucken SORD; me n SHEP qiuietly takk 2 r blog.

VOTE 701 in th fucken PHELD SPROT FANS ye