YO SPROT it brings me absoluttly no fucken sadness 2 brin u th fucken NOT SADD news that shiatass fucken pissass fucken HACKass HACK ROB NEYER is leevin teh ESPN cuz yo FUCK HIM 4 rell 4 rell

me n SHEP gon wipe that fucken SILLYASS GRINN rite off ur FACE SON n u better BELEEV DAT or else me n SHEP ll fucken east r HATS

cuz lissen lotsa BLOGERS be sayin NYER wuz cool cuz he new bout BLOGGIN n BABSELL n fucken VORPOS n shit but YO PHILE SPROT FANS chekk this fucken REED IT N WEPP this is a fucken DIRECTTASS quotatino from a fucken ROB NEYER PSOT he rote 4 teh ESPNS n shit:

“There are some truly awful minor-league team names out there. An abbreviated list: IronBirds, Doubledays, Baysox, RiverDogs, LumberKings, TinCaps, Intimidators, BlueClaws, JetHawks, BayBears, SeaDogs, River Bandits, SilverHawks, ValleyCats. Call it the “IronRule”: If you’ve got two capital letters in your name, you’ve done something wrong.”

sumthin wrong wit th blu claws? th fucken LAKKWODD SOUTH ALANTIC LEGUE fucken CHAMPINO BLU CLAWS???? hom of fucken JARRET COSART n JON SIGGLETON n ADAM BUSHINI n teh rell king KING JIWAN JAMESS???

"naw son. naw neyer" - COLE HAMES guddass fucken BLU CLAW

nawwwww son. naw.

yo NEYER how bout thios we call it th fucken SHIATASS PUNKASS RITER RULE: if ur frits fucken name is ROB n ur second nam is NEYER, then u a fucken PUNKASS fucken BITCH so eat a DICK

n if u comm 2 th 701 HQ beggin 4 a job n shit we gon fucken piss on ur HEDD n say “yeeee TASTE” n then fucken kick ur ass in the fucken HEDD cuz FUCK U