STEV TR#EVULESE: wat teh FUCK u mutherfucklars THIK i gota fucklen say mutherfucklen CILF LEE is teh BIG FUCKEN SSWIGINGING DIK evryon alredy fucken NEW he was n he gun FUCK UP sum MOTHERFCUKLEARS i can tel u THAT FUCKEN MUCH

SHEPDAWG: YO STEV u fucken SED it the SED UP bruh 4rell we gota hav u over mor offen BRUH n CILF ALSO SUP BILL BELAMY y aint u hostin 106 n fucken PRAK no more OH SIT MY B i men YO MTVS RAPP oh 4RELL i dint NO THAT how that workin out 4 U OH SIT 4RELL U AINT DUN SHIT SINCE 97 MY B BRUH yo hav sum MORE fucken PIZA ROLSL BRAH et as MUCH as u NEDD BRUH 4RELL 4rell

BILL BELAMY: YO SHEPDAWG tankhs BRUH ima do tat but YO this CILF LEE SINGIN SPEELSS GUDD fucklen NEWS 4 AL OF PHILY SPROTS n in FACK all teh FUCKLEN SPROTSLOVING WORDL nedds 2 NO teh TROTH bout teh DLEVWARE FUCKEN VALLY n how it wil be teh NEW FUCKLEN FERTLE CRESENT n DAWNIN of teh NEX CIVLIZATINO CITZEN BAK PRAK is teh nex fucklen GARDNE of EDDEN n if ewe dun get 10 CHAPINSHIPS soon teh ERTH wil b reducced 2 ASH wit NO HOP 4 REBRITH 4RELL yo got anymore fucklen PEPRONNI BRED LEFF that shit wuld hit teh fucklen SPOT BRUH

GIL: YO BIL THAT SHIT SCARRY SON but YO don fucklen WORY BOUT IT we got a fucklen ROTTATINO now fucken DOCK HALLDAY CILF LEE ROY OSWATT n fucken COLE HAMMELS n fucken VAN WERLES n fucken KYE KENDIRK n fucken JO EBLANTOIN n fucken PERDO MARTEZ proly ALSO n togeter thats comdibned VORP rivvelled only by ALAH HIS FUCKLEN SELF