YO SPROT FANS happy fucken MONDY well r the R  A  G  L  E  S EAGLES playin tanite??? mmmmmmm NO SO FUCK MONDY NITRE FOOTBALL but annyway fuck that noise cuz gess wat ye son hahahahah u reddy YES FUCKEN PAT GULLICK is now a fucken MEMBAR of th BABSELL HALL OF FAM

"YO th olny things that fell bettar than bein in th fucklen BABSELL HALL OF FAME is lernin all the ROPPES from SHEP N GIL n also SEX n oh yeh PS FUCK THE BLU JOYS GO PHILLES" - PAT GULLIT

n he gonna get a guddass PLACK in fucken BABSELL HALL OF FAMA

n lissen this is rell fucken SWETT 4 ME N SHEP cuz we acually taght EERRY FUCKEN THING pat gullet nos 2 him hahahahah 4 rell WEN HE firs camme 2 701HQ wen he was just a wee fuckklen LAD he dint eeven no wat a GUDDASS VORP or BABBOP wuz

so yes GIL THORPE N SHEP TRUMBO madde him in2 the BRUH he is taday n thas gudd

"mmmmm EXSCUSSE ME MR SHEP n MR GIL cud u 2 pleez teech me how 2 fucken catch BIGASS FISHESS n also hwo 2 fucken CLAP UP THIS BABSELL GAME LIEK JOHN GATTY" = Pat GIllixk "WELL OF CORSE YOUNG MAN hahahah cuz u no wat we say: GIVE a man a fucken FISSH n he east 4 a DAY but if u fucklen TECHE him how 2 fiss then u teech him how 2 IMPRESSE fucken hotass biches n get MADD {USSSSSSAY n also how 2 be a GUDD AS TIT GENERAL MANGER who will go 2 th HALL OF FSAME 1 day" - SHEP N GIL

n we gon be makkin his HALL OF FANE SPECH this summer so comm 1 COME ALL hahahahahahh THATS WAT SHE FUCKEN SEDD

n now a verry fucken SPECAL MESSEGE from PAT GULLICK:

“YO SHEP N GIL TH TIT n im lettin them do my fucken swettass INDICTION SPCH cuz im gonn be 2 BUZZY fucken eastin tatsyass CAVIARE n FANCY ASS CRULLY FRANCH FRYS n fucken all them hottass LADDY BABBYS from th HARRY POTTARE MOVVEES hahahahaha

"YO YUNG WITCH BABBY call me wen u a lil fucken OLDDER hahahahah ye babby" - PTA GILIK

BUT YO SHEP N GIL thakks guy babbys U RELLY TAUGT ME all bout this SPROT GAME n how 2 fucken RUN SHIT LIEK john fucken GOTTY so yeh now we all BOSSES 4 RELL SON hahahahahaha

"yes FUCKEN YES thas wat PATTY TLAKIN BOUT sex time hahahah in HUGWARTS" -pat giliki

YO FUCK BABB RUTH im the best mutherfucker in th fucken BABSELL HALL OF FAME NOW n aslo FUCK CANDY CUMMINGS hahahaha cum son liek wit HERMINNY PRAISE ALLAH” – PAT GILLIKK