YO SPROT happy fucken FLLOWER FRIDAY gess waattt hahahahaha ITS FUCKEN FLLOWER FRYDAY on twinker so thaas rell FUN 4 rell. so annyway yo i jus got in las nite froma nite on the fucken TWON n i seen that me n SHEPS BRUH from fucken SANFRANCOSCO EIGHT INNIN WIREDNESS sent us this swettass PIC n hers his TWINKER 2 yo he a GINTAS fan so obviosly that aint 22 HRADCORE but aslo he madd fucken NIEC n he makk sur all them BRAHS n BIRCH BRAHS in CALI no bout the 701 STILE so therfor he r fucken BRAH 4 rell son n hers a guddass CAT piture he madd:

hahahahahahaha ye 1 of them fucklen LOCLATS yesss son it liek shep n gil cept we iek I CAN HAZ SEX yes ALWYS SON

YE SON u thak u BRUH thas awsome as TIT 4 RELL n wat GIL want 2 no is WERE TH TIT ON a fucken TIT did u findd a TLAKIN CATT cuz thas madd COOL 4 rell son that czt is SMART AS fucken TIT son so u shud brin him on liek OPRA n JEFF LENNO n CONAN OLERRY n fucken JUGE JUDDY cuz hes rell SWETT n he liek METTBALLS n his CAT VORP is prolly liek fucken EIGHT HUNRED n FIFFY so he HRADCROE n ther4 HRADESTCOR 4 life.

yeh cuz i rember this 1 timme me n SHEP wer CATSITTIN fucken THEO RATLIFFS cat th CATSIT UP

"holly shit i bettar call up SHEP n GIL 2 kepp an EYE on my fucken CAT cuz me n LOOOOO WILLAMS bout to tittyfuck this broadd teh TITFUKK UP yeeeee hahahahaha holly tit n MOOTORBOOT them 2 4 rell" -THEO RATCLIFF

n it wuz alway tryna east r METTBALL so that wuz ANNOYONG but watever PRASE ALLAH SON

so yeh THANK MY 8TH INNIN WERDNESS BRUH 4 lettin us use ur PIC u r fucken brah nmay ALLAH wach over u ALWAY n makk ur famly fertle as TIT n may ur LINE be long yeeeeeee

PS its fucken RYNA HOWARDS BRITHDAY so happy fucklen BIRDTHDAY son  we got th FRESCA on ice son cant wate 2 c u n all th OTTHER PHILES at HQ tanite it been 2 logn 4 RELL hahhahaha yo n HILLERY DUFF say she cant wate neether hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah sex

"yo hillery babby lissen t ur brah ryns SMMOOOOOOTH as tit SEDUCKTIV ass words....... im gonna bput my bigass fucken VORP in u 4 rell babby hahahah yes get a fe of them SEX WIN SHARES meebbe of corse of corse IT MY BRITHDAY BIRCH yeeeee thas rite thas rite" - ryan HOWARD

ye son