YO SO fucklen DOC HALLDAY won th CY YONG award n we fucken SALOOT him th saloot up 4 that n yes YO ROY we shippd fucken FRIST CLASS a box of 8 THOUSANT baggle bites hahahah yes 4 u n BRENDY n ur niceass CHIDREN

"YE yo DOC n BRENDY n HALLDAY chidren from the buttom of me n SHEPDAWGS bigass harts wed liek 2 extent this TOOKEN of APRESHIATION: liftime SUPPPLY of BAGGLEBITES n yo BRENDY u can hav sex wit us wenever u want ye" - GIL THORPE

hahahahaha yeeee now they gon be madd HAPPY all liek PIZZZA in teh MORNIOOO PZZA IN TEH EVENIO pizza at th fucklen SUPPER TIEM wen pizza on teh BAGGLE  can east PIZA anny fucklen tiem so yeh yo DOC U R FUCKEN BRAH SON congrats hahahah ur VORP is gudd as TIT n so is ur CY YONG AWARD

"yo LICEUM i will litrally fucken KILL U if u evver eeven lokk at me agin n mmmm ye I OWN NL CY YONG AWRADS now so mmmmm FUCK U SON FUCK U LICEUM fucklen DOCCLAP" - DOC HALLDAY

but yo teh cool thing bout this is taht fucken ROY camm 2 PHILEY n now wen he on the MOND at CITSIENS BANK PARK he no his lil borther rite over there at WELLS WACOVIA CENTER playin guddass sixres bassetball yes thas rite JRUE HALLDAY

"yes sprot fans MAMA HALLDAY razed me n DOC rite so thas y we booth the TIT on a tit on a nuther TIT its all cuz of r mamas TITS tahs where it all fucken STRATED hhahahahah yo luv u MA" - JURE HALLDAY

hahahahahahahah BROTHER CLAP son yo ur mom musta been teh TRU TIT OF TITS 2 rase 2 fucken swettass awsome ass BOYS YES luv u MAMA HALLDAY hahahaha not even 4 sex jus cuz u madd COOL YE

praise ALLAH