YO SPROT FANS hahahahab yo TADAY is a fucken MARGICAL day sprot 4 fckjen RELL cuz u were prolly like “YO AMERCA the tit son AINT NO WAY we can get better” hahahaha but yo it liek tyhat fucken movvee where BRUCE WILLTS

hahahaha yo REMBER wen fucken BRUCE WILLS find out that teh OLNT WAY 2 RELEESE teh enerrggy of the FIF ELEMENT is by fucken PUTTIN HIS SEDD in that fucken ROBOTT BIRCH..... hahah that wuz madd cool n so is BILL CLEMET BECOMMIN AN AMERCAN XITIZEN

liek sum fucken FUTURASS fucken FANSYASS fucklen like OLDMILTARY ass mutherfucker who pick up sum BROAD who u nedd 2 fucken COMBIN wit the STONES so u can clap up thos fucken WEIRD ASS ALEINS hahaha….. THAS JUS LIEK BILL CLEMET BECOMMIN a fucken guddass swettass AMERCAN CITISEN son yes

"OH HELLO it BILL CLEMET here fucken EX BROD STRETE BOLLY n now a FYLER COMMENTER but yeh CANDA hahahah u all a buncha fuckn SYRP EASTIN BIRCHASS MUTHERFUCKIN pancakk eastin fucken CRAPES eatin mutherfuckers who dont eeven no shit bout TOTINOS POZZA ROLL n oh yeh yo FUCK GARRY OLDMAN 4 tryna clap brucwe wiilis teh CLAP UP n FUCK BILBO BIGGINS 2 hahahah yo they all liek OH NO BRUCE U A CAB DRIVVER u cant be fucken the FIFT ELEMENT well yeh BILL CLEMEET say he can CUZ PUSSAY IS PUSSAY SON hahahaha OH SAY CAN U C BY TEH FUCKEN DANS ERLHY LITE wat so PRODLY WE HAILT teh HAIL UP yes im an AAMERCIAN CITIZEN NOW SON" - dan clemet

hahaha gettin his PLEJE Of ALLAJENCE on 4 rell son yes. bcuz now WE got the FIF ELEMENT n thas represnted by BILL CLEMET in this METEPHOR n yo so hes teh FINAL FUCKEN INGRREDDIENT n BOB BRADDY sum seneator is liek BRUCE WILLIS cuz he made sure that HE got therre n fucken PETER LAVOLETTE is liek DEEBO

"YO SON im teh fucklen PRESEDENT in the FIFT ELEMENT so bill celement I LUV U SON cuz now u a part of my SWETTASS CONTRY n u no madd gudd SHIT cuz u passt teh CITZIENSHIP exam the fucken PASS UP n if i asku who fuckn GEORGE WAHSTINTON clap up in DELEWARE u wud no it wuz teh HESSHANS hahahaha cuz u SMART SON hahah rember when BRUCE WILLLS wuz fucken LEELO in that thing at teh end of teh MOVVIE yes so hot" - PREZEDENT DEEBO

cuz he liek in this MOVEE teh PRESEDENT n thats ike basiclly wat a HED COCHE IS. praise allah