PHILEYS r madd guddd mn GOT A WIN SHAR a cuppla days ago n FUCKEN J ROLL on teh BIG DICK TIP hahaha he got his SWAAAGG on YEEEEEEEEEEE n MATT CANE cin suck a DICK n COLE is teh KING n fucken JIWAN JAMES is prolly relly COLES CHIDL cuz he got taht REGGAL BLOOD IN HIM yes all fucklen HALE THE KING COLE HAMKELS N JIWAN JAMS

ok aslo: the ginats be lookin liek a bunch a fucken SMALLDICK PUSSAYASS FORH GRAD MUTHERFUCKLERS

"OH HELLO I M MATT CANE...... yes ok cud u use taht in a fucklen SENTANCE PLESE???.... ok AUTITORIUM it is spelled A U T I T OR I UM hahaha AUTITfucklneTORIUM hahahahah yes I AM a lil fucken babbyyback ELEMENTRY SCOOL BIRCH in a fucklen SPELLIN BEEE HAHAHAH SUP LICEUM"

"OH HI SPROT FANS im fucken lil babby TIM LICEUM hahaha LOKK I COLLET A NEW BABSELL CARD n yeh I GOT all teh fucklen CRAZZY BONES n POKEYMAN CARD in teh HOLE WORDL hahahahah yeh im a fucken FORTH GRADDER"

"WAAAAAAAHHHHHH im coddyr ross that LIL FUCKLEN BABBY ooooo yes IM GETTIN a warm BATH from my MOMMMY hahaha WWAAAAAAHHHHH oh boohoo boohooo IM CODDY ROS"

but teh PHILES be lokkin liek sum rell fucken BIGDICK fucken TRU MEN YE

"HAHA we r teh PHILEYS SON yeeeeee WE ALL RELL FUCKEN MEN who east DEER n teh PUSSAY hahah yes we luv PUSSAY n OCTOBBER BABSEELL palyoffs SON we r teh fucklen PHILEYS GO PHILEYS"

PRAISE ALLAH SON they all HRADCROE AS TIT jus liek SHEP N GIL fucken taught all them BAKK in teh DAY hahahahahah yes so time 4 a lil sumthin bout to happen in SANFRINCO heres a fucken HINT: CLAP CLAP CALP CLAP CLAP CALP CLAP CLAP CALP CLAP CLAP CALP CLAP CLAP CALPCLAP CLAP CALP CLAP CLAP CALP fucken CLAP SON

yeh n  yo BRUCE BUCHY we uppdeckin ur TOLET AGIN hahahah yeh thas two fucken WIN SHAREs 4 SHEP n GIL n ZERRO 4 BOCHY hahahahahahah YES