TO SPROT FANS hhahaha it ur BOY GIL n yes haha ALANTA FLACONS r fuclkclin SHITTY AS SHITR SON n KENNY KOBB is madd fucklen gudd n JEREMEY MACIN is madd fucken  gudd n yes yes DAVID AKER is stell gudd eeven tho he mess up a lil bit I GESS I SHUDNT HAV fucken text hmi b4 teh gam tellin him SHEP wuz makkin up his FAMOS METTBALLS cuz that prolly wuz on his MIND a lil bit yes. but yo ALLAH bless D JAX SON mak sure he comm back RELL FUCKLEN SOON cuz he r BRAH. n  BLESS THIS fucklen METTBALL SANWIXH two fott LONG me  n shep n AKER bout to CLAP YES SON YE

"HOLLLLLLLYYYYY SHIT SHEP N GIL i fell liek im gonna SHITE MY BRANES out affter eastin SO MANNY DAMM METTBALLS SANWICHES but lissen IM A FUCKLEN WARREOR so i aint givin up eeven if im in PANE yes hahahah BRING ME MORE METTBALLS WAWA BIRCH hahahah u fin peece of ASS yes theres olny one CUREE 4 bad hamstrin n thas METTBALL N BLOWJO yes BABBY HAHA"

"ooohh shit son I AINT NEVEER THINK teh word wud get out but YES TEH ALLOGATIONS r fucklen tru shit IM CRYIN rite now but yes I FUCKLEN DONT EAST METTBALLS i jus thik they dont tast 2 FUCKNE GREAT OR NUTHIN n thas y my fucklen WIN SHARES dint win us a WORDL SERES las yerr n rubben TRADDED me bcuz im a lil BABBYBACK BORCH whose all liek OH BOOHOO i want 2 play wit teh MARNERS wit KIN GRIFFEY JINIOR n fucklen feliz hernandez n ICHTYRO haha yeh im a BIRCH IM CILFF LEE"

praise allah son. PRASIE ALLAH