"OH HELLO SPROT FANS yes yes IM CODDY ROSS i thik im fucklen RELL COOL cuz i finy got a FUCKEN WIN SHARE yesseday BUT I SURE AS SIHT ainrt got a WIN SHAR taday cuz my TEM SUCK A DICK hahahah yes ASK ME ANNY dfucken STATE N CAPTAL ok ok. ORGAN? teh captal of OREGAN is fucklen OREGON CITTY birches hahahaha OH YES I RELL EAST COCK SO MUCH YES"

"HAHAHA YES first of al I, ROY SOWALD< wud liek to thank fucklen ALLAH n my swettass FINASS WIFE n my fucken KID S if i got anny hahah YES n a boig FUCK U 2 CODDY ROSS thikin he can C ME wen i a fucken MANS MEN cuz i KILL DEERS then I EAST the fucklen DEERS n i east teh PUSSAY n METTBALL 2 hahaha YES SON YE"

"SUP ALL U BABBYBACK BIRCHSHITS yes IM FUCKLEN ALLAH hahahahah yo MUCH LUV 2 U ROY u my fucken BOY n fuck u CODDY ROSS u suck hahaha YES PRAISE ME cuz i invetned errythin GUDD liek BABSEELL N METTBALL n of corse teh PUSSAY YO SUP yall SUP CHRISTIN GOD n angels HAHA yes FUCK U DEVIL ahahhaa YO IM CHILLIN ON A fucken CLOUD rite now ok PECE OUT"