GUDD FUCKEN MORNION sprot fan how u all doin TADAY??? relly??? o wow THAS FUCKLEN GRATE 2 HERE YES HAHA sa hi 2 ur WIFE for me…. haha jus kiddin WE FUCK HER ALREDDY n yes u no GILS fucklen VORP wuz on PIONT that nite son n yes yes her ULTIMATE ZONE RATIN wuz liek 1000 yeh teh PUSSAY wuz that gudd son HAHAHAH yes u a luckky man SON.


YES SPROT FANS u mite as well fucken face the fucklen FACTS: SHEP n GIL hav or WILL fuck ur MOMS at sum fucken TIEM


hahahah OH SIHT. wow we hav sum fucken FUN HERE rite??? ok yes yes ENUFF time 4 teh INFELDER PERVEW:



hahahah yo PEPP THIS: bakk when me n SHEP wuz madd YUNG liek jus a cuppla YUNGSTERS my fucken step dad bougt us BOTH BIKE well ok YEH he wasnt my dadd he wuz jus sum1 who wuz chillin wit my fucken MOMS at teh time but yeh he wasnt jus any1…. yeh ok i nevver rellly wanted to 2 say this B4 cuz then erryone in this fucklen JOURNISM gam gon be liek “YO GIL u aint a  gudd JOURNIST son cuz ur BIAST as tit if these ALLOGATTIONS r tru” but FUCK IT im jus gon go out n SAY this shit wit PRID – yes my moms MRS THORPE used to fucken chill wit KIM BAPTIST hahahahahaha YES


"HAHA yes GIL i wuz fucken ur MOM son but it all GUDD son yes hahaha sup son MISS U wish I CUDDA stayt but i had otther shit 2 DO"- KIM BAPTIST. but yo this is a PIC i tokk of KIM playin WIFFBALL wit me n shep in my FONT YARD


i aint braggin but YO 4 FUCKEN RELL how manny of u SPROTS FANSES MOMS evver date a PHILEY yeh thas RITE. so that wuz madd fun n he luvd SHEP N GIL Scuz eeven at a YUNG AGE we new ERRYTHIN bout PHILEY SPROTS so he liek “HAHA YES SON I LIEK U n ur mom so im gonna buy u n ur biy SHEP fucken new BIKES” n gess wat they were HUFFY jus liek AUBREY HUFFY n yeh he fucken SUCKS n dont got TIT ON RYN HOWAD cuz his VORP is shit n his SECNDRY AVERGE is liek 50.





haha yo rember when we sed DRITY SANCHEZ yesserday bout jonathan sanchez n PAULO ABDULL N DJ SCATCAT. haha yeh that wuz FUNN BRAHS. yes. yo this gy got liek sum WERDASS SHIT on his face so that tell GIL thta he prolly aint ever got a WIN SHARE cuz once u get them u get BIG FUCKIN BUCK n then u fucken get  ur uglyass shitty FACE FIXT teh fucken FIX UP.


yo brah HATT 2 SAY IT but u aint NEVER gettin pussay wit taht FUCKT UP FAC




yo this brah think he HUT SHIT but 4 rell son u aint SHIT son cuz u liek “OH IM KUN FUN PANDA hahaha yes I CAN DO KARTE N east BAMBOO n got a fucken VOCE by JACK BALCK” well yo alrite KUN FUNG lissen son JACK BALCK is pretty fucksten FUNNNY i give u that much cuz HE SING SONG bout pussay n CHICKN NUGENTS n shit liek that n aslo SCOLO OF ROCK pretty gudd cuz he all liek “HAHAHAH YES CHIDREN U NO BOUT ROCK AND ROLL HAHA i wanna fuck JAN KOOSACK in teh ASS hahahaha ROCKIN TIM” but PABBLO sandoval aint liek that


"mmmmmmmmm..... can PABO SANDOVOL takk my nicknam?? ahahaha NO CUZ HE SUCK N HIS WAR suck n HE AINT NEVER FUCKT JANE CUSANK OR SARA SILVEMAN or taht otther hottass PECE OF AS from scool or rock"


cuz yo do u no his OPS is liek ficken 250 or sumthin n mebbe u liek “OH thas RESPECABLE” hahaha no son thas BATTIN AVERGE this is OPS wich is fucken ON BASE PARASONTAGE plus SLUGGER so lissen u c how offen he gets on basse n thaas liek not 2 offten so give him 100 n then u see how gudd a SLUGGER he is on a scale of 1 to a THOUSNAT n he liek 150 so yeh SON get out ur TI 89s if u aint belleve it HE SUCK DICK


hahhahaha yo son u FAT oh yeh so is PABBLO  but thas cool thas cool cuz I TLAKED to fucken BILLY BEEN that fucken brah GENEL MANGER from MUNNYBALL n he liek “YO FAT PLAYERS can be gudd sumtimes jus lokk at teh OKLAND As that is my tem” n gil liek “yeh son mmmmmm THEY SUCK DICK cuz u aint got a BIGASS BRAN loiek ruben AMAROSO” n he liek “oh yeh ur rite I EAST DICK SON”


hahahahaha fucken oldass UGYASS SHITASS COCKSULER whos fucken VORP days r fucken FAR BEHIN HIM haah yes. wate wat OH YO SHEP sayin he seen on teh fucken TV the otther day thaat it aint BENGY anymor it posey now SHIT SON

well BUSTER POSEY hahaha yo son fuck u DOM BROWN gettin ROOKE OF TEH YER hahaha POSEY wat a birchass name u BABBYBACK BIRCH haha swett fucken WAR son ur WAR sucks it liek i dont eveen NO son all i no is it aint eeven CLOSE to CHORCHS WAR son yes


ooooohhhhh BUSTER y aint u lokkin a lil MOR FUCKEN HAPPY SON cuz it liek u bout to get sum swett TANG oh yeh thas rite cuz u a lil BRCHASS n ur nam shud be BUSTER PUSSY hahahaha get it or more like BUSTA BABBYBACK BORCHASS PUSSY rite BRAHS N LADDY BRAHS???? hahaha yes n 4 teh record me n SHEP hav fucken tappt this GURL n yes I WUZ WEARIN my fucklen IVERSON JERZY n SHEP wuz werin a BDAWK one so it coll cuz she no we aint no pussasss SANFRANCO FAN


haha ok thats teh PERVEW n shep sed to thsank u all 4 ur THOUTS N PRAYS he is conotinuin the RECUSE EFFORT IN CHILI yes n dont worry he fucken MADD PUSSAY 2 yes CHILI BIRCHES mmmmmm TATSY SON yes PRAISE ALLAH