YOOOOOOO SPROT FANS yes it the FIRT off manny SIXER WINS this seson yes they prolly gon get about 82 FUCKLEN WIN SHARES n oh yeh ALL THEM PALYOFF WINSHARES too. so yo JASON KAPONOP wuz madd gudd n MARECE SPATES had liek twenny ponts n yeh hahaha fucken CELTICS were PUSSAYASS son




yo fucken KG akak KENVIN GARMET n PAU PERCE were both 2 fucken SCERRED 2 eveen play hahaha they on BENCH teh hole time BRUH n YO U THINK NATE ROBERSON N GELN DAVIS can bett the SIXER well they cant n neether can PERCE OR ELLEN OR GARMENT so fuck u SON hahahaha ye DOC RIVER aint got SHIT on DOC HALLDAY ya fucken bbabbyback BORCH.


yo thas MOR LIEK IT hers teh rell fucken DOC haha yes GO SIXERS SON hahahaha YE


OH YEH SPROT 1 more thin erryone send ur LUV to my fucken BRAH SHEP TRUMBO he don ther in CHILI rite now fucken IN THE MINE doin errythin he can he fucklen CRAWED down there himself wit a shitlod of DASANY watter n mettball sub n CHEESTOS n he got allINSPIARATIONAL on ther ass he liek fucklen DR KING himself he liek


"HAHA yes sprot fans I HAV A FUCKLEN DREMM TADAY n its that SHEP TRUMBO will sav all them CHILI BRUHS n then they get sout amercan PUSSAY 2gether haha YES SON YES" -DR MARTIN LUTER KNG JUMIOR


“YO CHILI BRAHS errythin gon be cool herees sum complementry 701 SPROT TSHITS n aslo yes heres fucken PALLA ABDUL so we can all get r fucken NUT n hahaha yes gram crakers 2 n oh yeh OK FLLOW ME IM DIGGIN US OUTTA HERE WIT MY BEAR HANDS

n they all liek “HAHAHAH YES VIVA SHEP VIVVA SHEP N el 701 SON yes fucken SETE ZERO UNO hahaha yes WE LIEK”

n SHEP LIEK “yo we all gon fuck madd hott SOUT AMERCAN PUSSAY affer this??””




n chili brahs liek “YES SON PRAISE ALLAH SON”