YO SPROT FANS sup sup it ur BRAH GIL her wit a lil bit of ur dally dose of PERVEW hahahaah yes son YES SON. alrite heres how this SHIT gonna work SPROTSTERS u reddy hahahaha YES OF CORSE U R so her it go: here the fucklen SCEDULE of 701 NLCS SERES PERVEW where u gon lern all bout teh GIANTS n shit


yo im sorry 2 say SHEP N GIL fuckt BOTH of thes BIRCHES n we aint sorry cuz taht pussay wuz no gudd AW HELL NAW son it wuz the fucklen BOMB but she wuz werrin ORNGE N BALCK so fuck u BABBY we shudda nown u fucken aint on teh PHILEY TIP wen u trippin tellin shep n gil 2 werr s fucken CONDOMO


n lissen this aint gonn be no JOKE SON haha yes naw son IT GON be rell fucken JOURNISM wit SARMETRICS n shit so olny REDD IF U SERIOS 4 RELL SON:






oh shit yo ashually im gon try 2 finsh this B4 the SERES begin so yo those LAST 3 MITE BE ALL FRIDAY BRAHS so sty on ur TOS yes haha yes ok lets fucken DO THIS:

hahaha yo ok so mmmm yes hav u ever seen the movee callt  AUSTEN POWER??? hahaha yo it madd funny it bout sum fucken LIMMYASS BRITISSASS monterfuckar n he alway all liek YEH BABBY hahahah n he fucken EASTS MADD PUSSAY liek all day long eeven sum fucklen ROBOT PUSSAY yes n yo thas cool thas cool. 4 rell son hahaha wuuuuuutttt?


hahahah yo lokk hers that fucken LIMMEY austin powers he all liek "OH YEH BABBY i want sum fucken TEE N KRUMPETS hahahaa yeh n PUSSAY haha yo i fuckt ELIZABSTH HURLY N BEEONCE N ASLO ROBOT PUSSAY N ASLO alotta FAHINA n yeh that germman BIRCH hahaha yo no1 gets this much PUSSAY cept SHEP N GIKL"




-OK so obviosly erryone sucken this fuckin brha’s DICK but yo son lissen: WANNA no y he got 2 CY YUNGS? hahaha ok GIL TELL U teh fucken SCOPP: these birchass “JOURNISTS” who ritin 4 teh newspappers n shit dont no SABRAMETRIX. ok now watch n u c y BRAHS n lissen dont be BIRCHIN n MOANNIN liek “OH GIL yo we fell liek we in MATH CLASS” cuz i jus be all liek “YO FUCK U SON THIS SBARMETRINKS n haha THEY MADD FUN n INTELGENT n wann no SUMTHIN ELSE i got my fucken FIRST HANJOB in GEMOTRY class HI SCOOL so it aint all that fucken BAD OK”


YO SPROT FANS try 2 finnd SHEP n GIL in this old calss PIC if u get it RITE u win a fucklen free TSHIT n aslo TOSTINOS ECONMY PACK 80 ZA ROLLS yes for LIMIT TIME OLNY BABBYS


– OK so cole hamles had a fucken GUDDASS ERA in2008 but erry1 liek “HAHAH NO TIM IS BETTAR”           but oh yeh one ting: THEY 4got to fucken look at COLEES BABBIP. yeh so WAT TEH FUCK sprot                  riters yeh all u TIM VERDICHIS N TIM KURKJANS n fucklen BOB JAMES thik u all SMAT but u

forgot that COL EHa d a bettar BABBIP


yes yes WE FUCKT botth these ginats BIRCHES 2 wat can we sy U NO TEH 701 luv a FINASS hahahah yes son


– tim fucken LICEUM won it agin in 20009 but JOE BIB BABBY BLANTON shudve n thas a SENTIFIC            fucken fact

-OK so obviosly ERGO n all that FANCCY SHIT liceum aint nuttin but a SCRUBASS BRCHASS lil                       fucken hippy HAHA YEH SON u a hipp u prolly all liek”YO PHILEYS wan comm 2 teh fucken BAKE              SALE wit me n east COOKIE” n philes r all liek “YO FUCK U SON WE EASTIN METTBAL wit SHEP              N GIL”


– hahahahaha yo lissen u no wat a DRITY SANCHEZ is? yes hahahahah if u dont then fucken ask                    PALLA ABDULL from teh time fucken ME N SHEP N MC SCATCAT triplle temmed taht BIRCH yes son         hahahaha yo n fucken RANDY JOHNSON 2


–  yeh hes alrite i gess but ashually no FUCK U CAIN hahaha u all liek “yo im jus a gudd PIRCHER hahaha” naw son u AINT


THIS PSOT has been brougt 2 u by: fucken guddass METTBALL



-fuck u son


-hahahaha  his UTIMATE ZONE RATTIN has ben on teh DECLIN 4 fucklen YERS now ever since he was on AS n yeh his VORP is declinnin 2 cuz he old n yeh BRAHS this fucken bruh aint got SHIT


"oh yes jus hangin out playin GITAR" hahah yo well we got new 4 u SON u aint gon get no fucken WIN SHARE playin fucken gita but U sur as SHIT aint gettin no WINE SHARES anyway cuz philey gona CLAP U SON yes





-sup son

yo alrite gil gotta fucklen go SPROTSTERS but if ther anny PIRCHERS i 4got jus fucklen call teh 701 HUTLINE or aslo jus fucken CHILL OUT cuz all them GINTAS PIRCHES suck dick so ther aint NUTTIN to worry bout PRAISE ALLAH