YO SPROTSFANS so me n GIL WUR FUCKLEN GETIN CRUNK wit are boy CHRIOS PRUNGLER celebatin teh fucklen gudd ol fasoned CLAPTYCLAP teh FLYRAS put on teh


this teh fucklen STANGLER CUP n RON FUCKEN HEXTAL n HISTROY REPETS ITSLEF SPROTFAN if u fucklen RED AS MUCH AS SHEP n GIL n east alota FISH 4 ur BRANE u alredy fucklen NO THIS


pussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssyass AVLANCES n we wer all liek

YO CHRISO u gota b hapy 2 c ur old fren SIMON GANGE thusdy rite cuz WE sure teh fuck R SON 4RELL


n got up n stratup LEFF SON

n me n GIL wer liek YO WAT TEH FUCK n felt BAD asa MOTHERFUCKLAR we dint NO wat teh fuck wuz UP RITE

so then SHEPDAWG eggetin back from SUBWAY n we chekt teh fucklen 701 HUTLIN (267-70-CLAP-1) liek we ALWYS DO cuz we get HOT TIPS n SHIT FROM TGHER n ther a msessge from CHRIOS:

YO SHEP YO GIL this CHRIOS PRUNGLER ur guddass fucklen FREN. YO i jus want 2 say i fellin MADD mutherfucklen BADD 4 ackin teh way i did MUNDY NITE SON. gime a cal sonn as U motherfuckeln dudes GET THIS THIS aigt

so SHEPDAWG skypt his ass sonn as he got hiself a fuckeln SANWICH n wuz al liek YO PRUNGLER WAT UP





YO SHEP YO GIL o shit GIL in teh batromm aigt holdup il wate til he get back YO SHEP u get any pussauy 2day? yeh>? o sit 4rell? u n gil DOBLE TEMED ORPAH WINFY? hahahaha YES SON hahaha YES. yo wat STEDMAN SAY? o sit 4rell? hahahahaYES he a borch 4rell hahahahaha FUCK STEDMAN o GIL BACK NOW SUP GIL. so yo leme jus say agin IM FUCKLEN SORY i acked liek that but me n GANGE jus cant b col no mor. chill ima tell u k. so yo mememember taht CHARTY LUNCHEON we wuz all at tryna get PAPER 4 fucklen DARFER or sum shit? well yo i was MADD HUNGY cuz i plaid liek 75 minits teh NITE b4 rite n GANGE he plaid gudd but aint get as manny minits n i wuz liek YO i plaiud a fucklen LOT LASS NITE ima nedd my STRENTGH 4 this HOMSTAN commin up n there wuz liek a LOT of fucklen PIGS IN BANKETS so ima clap these4 up. so i ate bout 30 pigs in BANKETS n had 2 makk a spech n wus liek YO GANGE wach tehsde PIGS N BANKETS 4 me son ima b rite back 2 finish em rite afer this SPECH n GANGE wuz liek AIGHT BET n there wuz liek 13 PIGS N BANKETS in taht nakin I let him hold so i gaev my SPECH n wuz like HUNGYIER then b4 4RELL n GANGE wuz liek HER U GO BRUH wit this smil on his FAC n tehre were liek 10 LEFF so i was liek YO GANGE were teh other 3 PIGS in BANKETS n he dint say notin he juss fucklen SHUGGED n i wuz liek YO THASS FUCKT UP so now im all liek FUCK GANGE n fuck TAPA BAY ANYWAY but FUCK TAP:A BAY SPECALLY NOW THEY GOT BIRCHASS GANGE EASTIN MY FUCKLEN PIGS N BANKJETS n NOT EVEN POLOGIZIN


so YO it wuz gun hapen ANYWAY but u NO fucklen ZTAPA BAY getin CLAPT teh CLAP UP TOMORO curtsy of teh fucklen FLAYSER SPECALLY CHRIOS FUCKLEN PRUNGLER n GROOX n BOBLOTSRKY  n PET LAVOLER n fuckeln DAN CARINCO n IAN LAPRERIERERE n fuckeln VILEL LANO n that 1 guy they got from taht other TEM n JEF FUCKEN CRATE



so we cool GANGE but taht wuz kind o FUCKT UP 4RELL n u shold POLOGIZ mebe n anywya b CARFUL cuz PRIUGNLER MAD AS FUCK SON