YO SPROT holly fucken tit i no PHILES r in PALYOFFS n FYLERS alreddfy clappin the NH L the fucken CALP up n u no teh EGLES gettin ther fucken SHIT ON yes hahahah CLAPPIN up the NINNERS but 4 RELL BRAHS: if u aint ECITED as fucken SHIT 4 sixers seeson, then u aint PAYIN ATTNETION: hers a quik RUNDON bout y we winnin CHAMPINSHIP this yer YES BABBYS n GUY BABBYS pay clos ATTENTIO now ok:

yeh BABBY we gon hav sum fucklen HARDWEAR UP IN THIS BORCH YES

DOUG COLLIN brung his BIGASS BRANE bakk to PHILEY sayin “this is were that gudd PUSSAY at n aslo FUCK LEBORN”

TONNY BATTY, gudd ass vetren presence, is now on the tem



SPENSER HAWS n ANDREW NOCOONO bpth new guddass brahs n NOCCOONOO is liek TURKISH or sumthin so he gon be doin fucklen CRAZZY ASS EURPEEN shit liek MAGIC TRIX n liek will be abble to bang out MADD BORADS cuz they be liekin the EUROPEEN TIP yes

-mmmm oh YEH THOS EFUCKLEN gys they got 4 WILIE GREN i 4 get there names its liek DARYL SOUNDGREN n fucken DARYL SONGALIA i thik but yes hahahahaha YO IF ED STEFANKI liek them then thas gudd enuff 4 GIL yes

-ok GRAND FINALY: dumroll plese……. hahahahah OK YES ERIC SNOW gon be the new fucken COLLOR COMMENTOTOR 4 teh TEM yes shahahahahaha yo ERIC n MAC ZOOMOFF gon be on taht FOR D C fucken FICK tip yes u gon c em ENSHINED in COPPERSTOWN yes hahahaha FUCKIN A BRAHS FUCKIN A hhahaha yo he got teh VOCE of a fucken ANGELL

holly shit BONER son yes hahahaha YO SHEP LETS TRY to fuck a FUCKLEN ANGGEL tonite yes son YTHEY HOT fucken SELESTIAL BEINS son shit SUP yo ALLAH hokk a fucken BLOGER up BIG BRAH yes

hahah yes but dont worry he aint no PUSSY cuz it aslo sond liek JAMS EARN JONES who u prolly rember as DARK VADDER n aslo as fuckin MOOFASA akakaka teh LINO KING himself akaka BIGDICK Mutherfucker clappin up all them BIRCHASS HYNAS n WATTER BUFFLOS n even tho SCAR kilt him he still HRADCORE AS shit n he goin on teh HRDAESTCROE 4 LIEF

HAHAHAHA sup sons yes hahaha YO EVAN TURNER is liek SIMBA haah they both gon be KING yes haha MY FUCKEN SEED yes

yes THAK U ALLAH all praise is do 2 U yes son ALRITE tiem to get my MORNIO ABLUTIONS on 4 fucken RELL