HAHAB HELLO SPROT FANS if u thougt PHILES CLUNCHIN teh NLCDS teh CLUNCH up wuz teh olny gudd thing taht happent yesserday then u 5got bout 1 lil thing………………. waaaaattttt wuz it………….. HAHAHAH OH YES BRUHS YES thas rite KENNY KOBB N LESENA MCCOY N FUCKLEN QUENTIN MICHAEL clapt up MIKE SINGELTON N ALEX SMIT teh clap up yo u all fucken MINER son yes hahahah yo u SERIOS thikkin u can CLAP UP fucken PHILEY fuck u son cuz WE ON PONT n yo sprot babbys n sprot GUY BABBYS i no u all sad n SHIT cuz BRODRICK BUNKLY got hurt

"WAAHHHHAHAHAHA BOOOO HOOO BOO HOOO oh IM BRODRICK BUCKLEY im so fucken sad i got hurt hahah OH NO MOMMY IT HURT oh wate SPROT FANS nevermINT cuz I GOT A BIG FUCKLEN DICK n i a MAN SON yes hahahaah YES so i aint no BABBY BACK BIRCH i be back so dont eeven fucken SWETT cuz SHEP n GIL gon take guddass CARE of me YES hahahahaha"

but he gon be BAKK cuz the EGLES got a fucken gudd ass STENTH N CONDISHNIN COCH…. but yo 1 more thing DAVID AKER cudnt maek that LONGASS KIK but who cud relly wat duz he lookk liek he play 4 teh UNINO…. naw son SO TO CHER U UP her is sum AADDITNAL FOOTAGE of us eastin METTBALL WIT DAVID AKER so enjoy all u BEATIFUL SPROT FAN:

ok so hers DAVID N SHEP N GIL at in teh SWEDESBORO wawa PARKIN LOT



"hahahahah yes babby EXTRA PROOVOLONE CHEESE thak u n yes SEX but olny affter I EAST THIS METTBALL OK"

YES n here is AKERS PSOT METTBALL CELBRASION agin n yo DONT U SAY that this is teh SAM PICTUR as las time cuz this is Jus WAT HE ALWAYS DO affer METTBALL n yo u can c SHEP on teh LEFT he wuz on his PAGGER tlkain to a finass BIRCH he latter FUCKT n thas GIL in teh YELLOW TSHIT in teh BACKGROUND yeh im walkin ovver to tak a fucklen LEEK cuz i jius drank a GALLONN of gren teea so SUP SPROT FANS yes MUCH LUV TO U DAVUD AKER ur a guddmettball BRUH n THAKS ALLAH 4 makken all this POSIBLE