YO SPROT FANS hers  wat we in the SPROT IINDISTRY call a fuckin GAM RECAP: ok so fuckin MIK VICK got clapt up by sum birch ass fuckin gys fucklkin DANGELO JIMENEZ n sum other fuckin gy n yeh then KENNE KOBB came in n clapt up sum BIRCHES but yo they dint  win or nuttin but JASSON AVANTY almost catched the fuckin guddOLE PIGKIN that one tiem but then he dint SO FUCK IT SON IT ALRITE cuz gess wat the fucklin FORFTY NINERS gettin CLAPT THE FUCK UP cuz KENNY KOBB on the fuckin RELL TIP now he gon be all liek YOK MICHEL i winnin this for u son U jus fuckin FIX UP THISE RIBS son  then we gonna go out n be on the WILECAT tip

hahah yo this gy got a bigass fucklin gun therfore he a BOSS n yo KENNY KOBB n fuckin MIKE vfuvkin VICK r both BOSSES n therfore thas y GIL use this fuckin PIC in teh PSOT yo GET IT SPROTSTERS???

yes HAHAHAH YES adny reed ll be all liek YO FUCK IT SON one qarterback aint gudd enuff IM PUTTIN BOTH U BRUHS out ther n it gon be MADDASS FUN hahaha yo YES haha yo. alrite so THAS THE FUCKIN WAY IT WUZ haha n yo yes ye the RUMERS r tru SHEP N GIL wuz in WASHERTON DC in that fuckin WHIT HOUSE this wekkend we on sum COMMITY for fuckoin BRAK OBAMA it call the COMMITTY FOR INCRESSIN THE AMOUNT OF SWETAASS PUSSAY PEPLE BE GETTIN CUZ WHEN PEPS BE GETTIN GUDD PUSSAY THEN THEY HAPPYER N THEY DO MOR WORK N SHIT N ALL THAT GUDDASS SHIMT N YES HAHA PUSSAY IS GUDD N THEN THEY PAY TAXE HAHA so yeh n bettar belleeve this son: fuckin MICHEL OBAMAN got a lil bit of th old fuckin PHILEY TIP haha yes son we aint gotten r Ds fucklin WET in the whit house sinc fucklin 03

birch was fuckin BUCKWILLD son yes hahah prolly gon tap it agin nex wekk in TEXAN