YO SPROT FANS its wekkend so u no wat that menns nuthin but PUSSAY N ALLAH N SPROTS N PIZZA yes hahahahahaha fuckin YES but I GOTTA FUCKIN GO im gon be madd busy taaday son jus tryna do sum BEHIND TEH SENES SHIT 2 run this fuckin BLOG GAM but yeh. but yeh so lissen BLU CLAW PLAY TONITE fuckin A in LAKKWOOD BE FUCKIN THERE n philes play tanite OSWALF GON CLAP CLAP n egles playin fuckin soon TOO> hahahahah n holly shit if u fllow us on FACTBOOK ud no that I KEPP RUNNIN INTO FUCKIN BRIAN DENEHY at wawa son

hahahahah HEY SHEP N GIL u gys clap up METBALL liek I CLAP CLAP BHOLLWOYWOOD birches HOL SHIT U gys clap up BIRCH HOLLYWOOD BIRCH 2 hahaha yo sup ELANE SEINFELT hahaha n PHILE SPROTS cool 2 ys

it crazzy n yo he at 701  HQ rite now yo he thte fuckin TIT he wuz in RAMPO N TOMMY BOY N fuckin sum other SHIT 2 cant rember now but he relll ncie n gess wat he commin wit us to CITSEN BANK PANK tonite so fuckin be there SPTROTS FANS we gon be on 400 level i forget which sSECTIO but tonite it gon be teh ffuckin 701 LEVEKL hahahah get it thats thebname of oir fuckin BLOG oh shit sprotsters I GOTT GO RITE FUCKIN NOW HOLLY SHIT Mebbe nuther PSOT LATE NITE bou t how manny birch me shep n denehy bang in CBP YES PRAISE ALLAH