YO SO I JUST WANN say THANK U to te WAWA GY who took this pic of GIL THORPE N DAVID AKER rell good kicker 4 EAGLES n yeh dude he dint PIC UP THE CHEK FOR MY

MZETBALL SANWICH bu the ate one so HE PROLLY STILL HRADRORQE  nyeh YO DAVE IT COOL u didnt buy mine I NO U MAD BUZY so tanks 4 takkkin this pic wit me pretty COOL OF YA  n yeh so he also bout COFFEE n MAGAZINE n wanna no wat else FUCKIN JIOLLY RANCHER so nOW JOLLY RANCHERR THE HRADCORE CANDY ever yo DAVE it was rell fun hangin wit ya man ILL SEE YA SOON PROLLY call me dud n WAT UP ALLAH I AINT FORGOT U SON