YO SPOT FANS gess who the lattest IRON PIF yeh thas RITE nate fuckin ROBERSON he aint too SHABY cuz

lokkin gudd BRUH cant wate to MEETCHA dude wats ur favite MOVIE ill try n rent IT BRAH me u n SHEP can hang out at 701HQ n watch it n alSo EAT BUGGLES cuz they MADD GUDD hopfully SHEP MOMS commover cuz she HOT haha naqw man jus KIDDIN cuz shep MY BOY but lissen man we gon get som fuckin HOTASS FINASS HOOKER n yeh well jus PRAISE ALLAH ALL NITE wait r u prst of the NATIO OF ISLAM no well thats fuckin A OK cuz u a PHILE SPROT GUY NW SON n tat menns u HRADCORE NOW if u dint NO THAT ALREDDY CONGARTS DUDE u gon liek it here so yeh dude rell NICE TO MEETCHA

he won FIFFY SEVEN GAMS in teh MAJOR,, OLNY ALLAH nos how manny he won in th MINOR SON. also, gess wat HE WON A GAME in the PALYOFF a cuplla YERS AGO he clap the A S the CCCCLAP UP but yo FUCK ALL THAT cuz it liek BOB JAMES say it aint all in the NORMAL STATITS sumtime u gotta dig DEPPER n yo GIL DID n lokk wat he uncoverYEH BRUHS i aint gon say NO MORE SPROT FANS outt rePEC FOR THE CHIDREN who liek to REDD the 701 who dont no 2 MUCH bout gettn PUSSAY yet but yeh ROBERTSON hit all tat 4 rell PRAISE ALLAH