YOOOOOOO SPROT FANS GOOD MORNIO IT GIL yo so wish RYAN HOWAD could clapt up tat BIRCHASS JUMJOYCE LOKKI moterFCK but tas w4 a nother PSIT heers wat up JIM FUCKIN FURYKJ u no good glofer from WESTCHEST ER got DISQAUALIFIED from teh BARCAYS for oversleppin… bt we dont care cuz if teres sumthin more IMPROTANT than a phil SPROT guy winnin the BARLCALY THING its gettin sum fuckin sweet PUSSAY, n u all no wat FURKY prolly up to….

yeh he prolly BANGIN the preson who THHIRD from the LEF 4 ur imnfORMATIOn.... yeh u liek them GERMAN BIRCH JImm i c how u be doin 4 RELL

YEH SO MAD RESPECT JAM u hittin tat jus sig n a PRENUMP bruh u gott gard ur CHANG son jus MAKE CAK n get BROAADS n u gon CLAPP THE BARKLEY teh CLAP UP nex yer son cuz ALLAH TOLD ME TAT in a DREMM SON it was a PREMONTION all PRASE IS DUE TO HIM for fuckin RELl