YO SPROTSFANS MLB never guna b teh same cuz UMPIR EJERY CRAWFORD  retiard n u no somthing he was teh fuckin HARDEST CORE UMPIRE EVRE n u no somethin else HE WAS A PHILY SPROT GUY so that splanes LOT I GUESS CHECK IT

this fuckin guy got his BRAINS SPILT OUT n he went 2 work the NEXT DAY jus liek that time i fuckt up my back cuz i was tryna fuck 3 broads at once n that shit aint ezy as it lokks neway u no teh SHEPDAWG went rite back 2 SUBWAY the next day makkin them samwiches dint even miss a DAY SON 4RELL thats the PHILYSPROTSGUY WAY

so u c fuckin CRAWFORD aint a BABBY BACK BIRCH liek sum other umps aint PHILY SPROTS GUYS like ED RAPANUNO n JUMJOYCE n that pother fuckin BIRCH u no who im tlkain bout he fuckin WEKK MAN STRAT UP he alwyas getin fucked the FUCK UP in games n he kepp comin rite back cuz thats how we DO ROUND HERRE SON

this guy aint JERRY but he wuz in ther 4 JERY cuz JERY GOT CLAPT UP IN THIS GAME 2 got hit in the fuckin HED AGIUN but u no JERRY WUZ LIEK YO I CAN STIL DO THIS IM HARDEST CORE