yo SPROT FANS wat up gil here PRAISE ALLAH jus wante  to say rell quik that all these other “JOURNISTS” be sayimn STARSBURG rell good well i gess HE FUCKIN AINT n he jus a BABBYBACK BIRCH

wate brah aint u sposed to be RELL GOOD i gess all them SPROT ILUSTARTE moterfucker were MAD WRON cuz u got CLAPPED UP haf ta leve the GAM liek a il birch cryin FOR HIS MOMS cuz u a BIRCASS

cuz he cant eve TROW pas the FIF INNINO wat a BIRCH ass BIRC H. for rell DUD ur arm hurt HUIH? well so dos DOCS wen he throwin one of MANNY PREFECT GAMS but he aint QUITTIN n so does GILS when he fuckin rub one out on a LADDY but u dont see us GIVIN up birch so FUCK U SON u aint siht n his is jus teh 701s offical NOTICE TO YA that uve offically ben CLAPPED THE FUCK UP by phil SPROT GUYS ALLAH IS GREAT