YO SPROTS so yeh TYSON gillys got CLAPT up by teh FIVE FUCKIN O so uyeh we a lil MAD cuz we no u gonn be in teh HLAL OF FAM in bout THRITY yers

HID THAT SHIT better nex tiem BRU

in this jus as SPEDBUMP but xmon BRUH u shud be SMTER then TAT rember when ME N SHEP fuckin JUMPED U in to teh PHILE SPROT SENE affer the trad n we TAIGHT U THE RULL of teh STRETTS n this BLOG SHIT??? wel yeh apprently u wuznt payin ATTENTIO n u aint erver seen SCARAFACE cuz in tat movie u LERN all u got in LIEF is ur BALLSACK n ur MONY n u aint sppoed to LET OTTER PEOPLE TKE THOS THINGS but now teh COPS gott u by teh BALLS n we fell u tho back WEN WE GOT LAPPED UP for tat shit wit EDDIE JORDAN LAPTOp but he DESRVED TAT shit cuz he suck DICK. so dude kepp ur hedd down in JAIL u be alrite for ALLAH WATRVH over all his beloved PHILL SPROT GYS

allah got u BRUH dont worry okay

so u got this BRUH n u can CRASH AT HQ ince ya get OUT