yo SPROT FANS good evening who is it u say IT IS I GIL HELLLO fuck many BIRCHES or DUDS TONNITE if u did then THAT S GRATE if not WELL ULL GET EM TAMORROW cuz thads wat LIF ABOUT SON its abotu kepp tryin til u WIN THE WORD FUCKIN SERES or the SUPER BOWL or the STALEY CUP or teh NAB CHAMPS or teh SOCCER THING or last bt sure aint LEATS tiil somebuddy fcuckin FUCKS U. but anyway LAKWOOD BUCALWS LOST TONITE wich SUCKS but that aint thr LEAST of ur worries:: guess who pirched a COMPLETE GAM for the DELMARVA SHOREBRIDS:: yeh thas rite BUNDY.

yo BRAH u a good pircher GIL GOTTA GIVE YA UR DOO but u fuckin KILL PEOPLE n no mattter how god ur VORP BE tha SHIT aint RITE son u gottta REPECT life n FUCK PEOPLE not KILL THEM for rell

so yeah as u no he a good PIRHER in the SOT ARLANTIC LEGUE lik a voyrp of BOUT REIGHTYTHOUSANT n a good utimate ZON Rating n a fuckin LEGIT BABIP prolly 2. but yeh aslo one more thing wat was it agin??? oh yeh HE A FUCKIN CEREAL KILLER liek he KILL MAD PEOPLE AND HE EAT EM n liek talks to a DOG OR SOME SHIT so lissen MISTER COMMISINER i think we best be CANCELLIN this gam or at keats GIVE LAKWOOD THE WIN cuz they may not hav hit so good agint him but at leat they AINT CERAL KILLERS WHO EAT PEOPLE cuz KING JIWAN JAMES n STYEPEHN BATTS (who fuckin exxtended his htittin STREAK to eleben thas RITE SON) n ANTONY HEWITT-PACKER n BRODY CLOVIN n LEANDOR CATRSO n SEBARTIAN VALLRY n MARK PARENT may not be prefect but they aint ever ated a PERASON the only thing they eat beside ELIOS is sum fuckin PUSSAY praise ALLAH SPROTS FANS n reign ur ALMIOGHTY VENGEANCE UPON BUNDY