yooo ALAKYUM SALYKUM SPROTS it is i GIL n gess wat?? CHRISBOSH n DWANE WADE (u no teh guy who wan blo up the WORD TRADE ENTER YET AGIN cmon brah we NEDD TIME TO HEAL as a fuckin CONTRY n u tryin to blow uptaht SHIT agin who r ya OSAMA BEEN LADEL)

yo get PREZ OBAMER on the LINE i jus foun OSAMA BEEN LDEL he playn for the heet now weere all dat REWARD MONY CHEIF sen it stasrte to teh 701 HQ aight son?

n taht fuckin biotchass QUEEN PRINDCEESS SERVENT LWBORN prolly fellin pretty SHITTY rite now cuz gess who they facin in teh SESSON OPNER…… yeh u no it ur fuckin FSAVES it JRUE N EVAM N ELTON N AI THE SCOND N MAEBBE AI THE FURTS AKA ALLAN IVERSON N WILLIE GEERN N DOUG COLLIN N TONY BATTIE N TEH NEW GUY NOCIONIO N THE OTHER NEW GY N JASON FUCKIGN KAPONO SON. so yeh yal GON FGET calapped up bet ur fellin reel stupid rite now ya DUNCE could gon to the CIT OF BORHTHELY UV sted of goin to aht SHIT TOWN theolny good things commin from dere r SCARAFACE cuz taht MOCVIE BE BALLER SON al pUCHIObe all lik I LIKE MONEY N PUSSY n he do COKE n he a BOSS

yo who he modelt affer well EEITER shep or ME GIL fuckoin Brien DEPLAMA aint evver tole us cuz he aint wanna split up teh 701 n mak us JEALOS but he no it cool cuz WE BOTH BOSS n furkin BEST FRENDS

but the olny fuckin other good thing form ther is taht WILL SMITHE SON call MIAIM all bout BIRCHES N CARAS N OCNEAN but o wait were WILL SMITH from oh yeh fuckinPHILAfuckinDELPHfuckinIA thas RITE Bitchs teh olny KING JAMES is JIWAN OF LAKKWODD PRAISE FUCKIN ALLAH