ALAKUM SALAYKUM SPROTS FAN it is is GIL ONCE AGIN COMIN at ya STRATE OUT THE MOTERFUCKION DELWARAE FUCKIN VALLEY SON n u fuckin NO THIS. but lissen im bout sick n tire of DALLS. cuz the cowBOIYS ARE GYASS MOTHERFURKERS obvi and gess wat SO THE FC DALLAD. cuz ur fave SOCER TEM or i gess FOOTBALL if ur a fuckin UROPEAN OR SUM SHIT THE UNINO got beat btu it wasty not even THEIR FAUT BRAHS NOW LISSEN. affer ALEXJANDRO MOREN scored a gola to put the UNOIN up so they FELLIN GOOD BOUT THEYSELFS lik they got MAD SWAG liek if u just ZZZGZOT sum swetass HEAD in teh TARGET BARTHROOM or sumthin but yo how THIS FOR A MEONENTUM KILLER the bitchassREF giv a red card ot my BOY teh stand in KEEPPER BARD KNITHON cuz sum bitch named BREK SHEA couldnt tak a hitnwell FUCK TAHT GUY lil bitch man go back to fucrkin JOLLY OL ENGLND n eat sum TEA AND KRUMPETS ANFD KRIMPET AND GO BANG camilla parkeer BOWLES oh wait a FUCKIN MINUTE me n shep and PRINCHRLES alreddy tapped TAHT so u can get SLOPPUY FORTH BITCH. but oh yeh one more thin u no how SBAREMETERICIANS lik OLD GIL n BOB JAMES lik to tlak bout PRAK AFFECTS well yeh they got taht IN SOCCER 2 cuz how u gon play good whe u playoin in  A PLACE CALLED PIZZZA HUT PRAK

mmmmmmm BABBY thas sexy who wann eat sum ALL U CAN FUCKIN EAT PIZZE HUT well gll do shep do n SO DO THE FUCKIN UNION SON CUZ THEY mericans Wwho lik to eat PIZXA HUT AND FUCK BROADS brah

wen the WHOLE FUCKIN TIME u be thinkin bout sum STUFFED CRUST wit da MEAT LUVER TOPPINGS (hehe lik the lDALADDIES like the meat like DICK get it hehehehe) n u dayDREMMIN bouy taht DELCIOUS fuckin ITAIIAN TREAT  (alrite das one thing u erupeans did gOOD u invented LITTE CASERS AND PIZZER HUT AND DOMINO n PAFA JOHN and good bredsticks n shit) but u cant WIN UNDRE THOS conditios so u cant bet the COMMINSIOR OF SOCCER is about to get CALT UP and CLAPPED UPv strate outta the 701 HQ BABBY PRAISE ALLAH