THIS is prat of a CONTINUNING SERIES this wekk in wich GIL FUCKIN THORPE tell u wat he think PROLLY happenin in PHILLY SPROTS this wekk. HE N SHEP r expreienced SPROTS JOURNISTS so they can tell wat MOST LIKELY GON HAPPEN. H e cant updat in reall time cuz he on PAID VACAY SON and thas the TITS but teh cops took EDDIE JORDANS laptop and taht aint THE TITS. HE will retrun AGUST 7TH so be reddy brahs.

eeeeeyyyyyyy SPROTS FANS AND MY BEAUFTUFL BLACK BORTHERAS AND SISTERS it is FUTUR GIL once agin here to drop KNOWLEDE so im prrtyy much the SAM as PRESENT TIME GIL cuz all he do is DROP KNOWDLEGE BOMS on ya lik its his job oh yeah IT IS HIS UCKING JOB at least the only one taht COUNTS cuz workin at teh WALGREENS is olny trmporary son but PHILE SROTS BE 4EVER since da BEGINNIN of time when all we had weer a buncha GERMS fuckin eachother than they GREW INTO PHIL SPROT TEAMS lik thas hwo the EGLES WERE BRON.

dont even feel gilty bout it BRAH we all reel proud of ya rite here at 701

but spekkin of the EAGLES i got sum good news:;; rember that peece of PISS who tried to fuck wit MIKE VIKS CAKE? well he DEADW NOW!! yeh spros  fans i no this is GOOD NEWS FROM LEHIG TO FUCKINDAY son andy reed prolly happy as SHIT lik when he got JERKED OFF for the frist tim like THAT HAPY. cuz gess wat were u worrid bout team unit and the competio fo the QWUATERBACK SPOT well guess who helpe him do it u wanna guess no no cmon pleaasseee alrite fine fucxkers it was KEVIN FUCKIN KOLB. yeh so tats good cuz u no they friens now cuz KILLIN SOMEOENE WHO ffucked WIT UR BIRTDAY CSAKR is the siorta DSHIT that maks BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE NO SHIT. and lissen it aint even brutal or nuttin They jus POSIONED HIS FUCKIN CHEF BOYARDEE

yo dont ett that shit for a lil bit cuz they posined a lot of em CUZ THEY NEW QWANIS LIK THAT SHIT

so qwanis phillips sorry brtah u hadda a pertty good lif i gess but u fucked wit a PHDILE FDUDE and u paid ythre conerqquences n mabbe u can hav some peace now noin u HELPED BRIN THE MOTHERFUCKIN PHILADELPHAIA EAGLES OF 2010 20111 CLCOSER TOGETER so now they gon win a fuckin SUPWER BROW PRAISE ALAH