he can throw liek a hunderd miles n hour pluss he fucks megan fox n hookers

for rela i dnitn evn no he was stil playin i thogt he was jus chilin makin milions doin that show wiut the fat kid n the fat lady n megan fox n ducky afte he rtiered fro mthe indans n that was a long fuckin tien agio but i gues he stil thrown heet cuz his VORPS gota be like 14 or 23 rite now n the BREWRS r fuckin DUMIES N E WAYS memebr they sined that fat guy who play for the yankees now wears his hat stupid but not JOBBER hes real good CC WINANS i think his name is that sounds rite so check it i no BEN +SHENN had problem wit controll befo9re but membr they gave him then wweswett ass glases with the pirate face oin em that shit was tite n h struck out the guy wit the mustash n won the world series so yueah i duno hwio they shold trade i gues bsome guys that arnt HARD CORE beter sure sa SHIYTT not trade fuckin JESSE BUDDLE hes the fuckin TITS SON.

he can see now so its cool fuckin TRADE FOR BEN SHEEN RUBEN DO IT NOW