GREEEETTTTTTINGS SPROTS FANS HELLLLOOOOO MY BEAUTIFUL brotERS AND SITSERS it is I GIL and im fukin BACK SON. me and sherp have fuckin JPURNEYD THRU THE VALLEY OF DEARTH and now we back to spred the WORD OF ALLAH an at the SAM TIME PHILLY SPROTS TOO SO DONT WORRY cuz it still ON LIKE DONKEY FUCKIN BIG DICK KONG.  and lissen i dont fregret a thing by the way PIGS id stesl EDDIE JORDANS SHITTT AGAON so suck on GILS FAT DICK PRAISE ALLAH. jail aint even too bad LIK I TWETTED EARLIER sorta lik SHAWSHAK REEPTION but u dont got MORGAN FREE MAN bringin in CONTRABAND up his ass but thas PRETTY MURCH THE OLNY BAD PART,  anyway so we gett outt the SLAMMER today and they giv me back all my shit like my fcukin LAKEEWOOD FITTED and my RIVERSHAKRS ANALOG WATCH and im ready to rolll out. but the thin was we dont got a compu at the 701 HQ ANymores so i had to go buy a fuckin paper at WAWA. and after i read that shit i KNEW IN MY SOUL AND HEART that ALLAH ment for me to red this and speard the WOD TO PHILE FANS AND ALL THR PHILY SPROT PLAYRES who read me n SHSPE S SHIT. lissen, i got it on good word that THE YANKEES ARE NAZIS. yeah sprot fas u heard rite. wanna no who told me? TIM FUCKIZNg MCAARVEER AKA STEV LEFTY FCARLTONS PERSONAL CATCHRE and he dont lie dude cuz u always got ta turst the word of a PHILLYS RPTO. so i was like FUCK THAT i can jus imagine fuckin DERJK JETER AND ALEX FAGGOT ROD RODRIGEZ doin weird ass EXPERMENTS

aint a fuckkn nazi??? YEAH FUCKING RITE GIL SAYS TO YA

on inncent peeple and like even KILLIN EM WIT GAS and SAYIN HEY IT COOL WE BETTER THAN them CUZ WE TEHFUCKING NAZIS and THEYRE JUST INSECTS. so yeah STEINBERNER lissen dude u were nown as tHE BOSS so me n shep liked ya so RIP an WE TRY TO BE BOOSSES 247 but we cant stand for tis shit no more. SOMEONE HAS TO SPEK OUT AND THAST OLD GIL AND SHEP ur fuckin BOYZ FOR REAL won down in OHILLY. yo cuz teh JEWS ARE LEGIT wanna know whos jerwish JERRY SEINFELD AND ELAIIN SEINFELD AND GEROGE SEINFEL AND KARMER SINFELD so FUKC YOU YANKEEES suck a FAT FUCKIN DICK PRAISE ALLAH.and my ex girldfends step mom was jewish and she MASD ME FUCKING DELIC)OUS MEALS ALL THE TIM and she wuz NICE AS SHIT.  oh and ALSO TODAY DWATYNE WADE sed that if HEAT lose two or thee gams hed blow up the WORLD FUCKING TRADE CENTER………AGIN BRAHH.

yeah u and LEBORN wud do this shit D WAD so fuck YOU cuz u wont do it cuz EVAN TURNER AND JURE HOLIDAY gon stop ya son for real

yeah so thats eveil u know it i know allah know it. but wan know who know it the MOST. THE PHILS AND SXERS so they GON WIN AS we KNEW TEY WOULD buz they TRUE XHAMPIONS

u aint a CHAMP dud su4rrende now to either UNCEL SAM or the SIXRES or me AND SHERP

but on top of that they GON MAASSACRE heat and yankkess cuz wher me and my BRAH SHEP COME FROM we dont like nazis or TERRORS lissen i seen that bard pitt movie THE GLORY BASTARDS and RAUUUULLLL GONNA be like the BEAR JEW SON gonnna beat th shit OUT OF THAT HITLER LIKER AJ BRUNETT wit his own battt and that shit dont show up on ur babsell card but WELL REMBER THAT SHIT FOREVER AND SO WILL UR CHIDREN PRAISE ALLAH