yo SPROTS FABS gil here JUST RERPROTING TO ANYONE who missed the fuckin SOUT ATLANTIC LEAGE ALL STRA GAM but really hwo could ya miss it IF UR A SPROT FAN gil know that none of u guys missed it DONT EVEN WORRY BRAHS. but liossen the fuckin SOUTHER DEVISION was hracore as usual BLUCLAS SS JONATHAN MOTHERFUCKIN VILLAR hit an HOME RUN

YEAH my fuckin BRAH jionathan BILLAR is one of these BRAHS lookin LEGIT tryna play soccer maybe durng the SEVTNTH INING STRERTCH or sumthin

aka A FUCKIN FOUR SACKER AKA TOUCH EM ALL hahahah get it LIKE BALLSACKS and touchin A GIRLS FUCKING BREAST or ASS> but yeah thst was lEGIT and JOSH ZEID got a CLUTCH AS SHIT OUT IN THE NINT and then a SCORLESS TENTH FOR THE TIE and yo i hear ya your maybe like  YO THIS IS LIKE when thst fuk BUD SELGIG caleld off the ALL STRA GAM and im lke no son that JUST THE RULES OF THE SOUTH ALANTCIC LEAGUE ATT STAR GAME SON.

yeah tihs fuckin guy wuz there too who is he gil dont even KKNOW

so make some fuckin NOISE for your BOYS IN THE BLUE CAWS they makkin me prooud eery dayu when I GO TO WROK AND MACK ON MAD BIRTCHES in my LAKKWOOD FITTED son size 7 and FIVE FUCKIN EIGHTS