yo SPROTWfans just a QUIK FUCKI PUBIC SERVICE ANOUNCEMNT from teh 701 (yo u see my PUN i sed PUBIC insted of public if u aint get hwat it mean yet weell then u about to cuzthis PSOT ALL BOUT FUCKING SON). if u like readin th fucking GOSSIP PAGS like GIL DO cuz I Like to hear ALL BOUT who gettin they FUCK ON and who not then u know LADDY GAGA strated smoe shit AT CITY FIELD last wekk

yo watch it GAG me n SHEP be bustin a PHILLY NUT or 2 on that jersy rite quick

or maybe the wek B4 and ended sittin in JERRY SEINFELDS BOX. yo that shitts CRAZY cuz ME N SHERP luiv SEINFIELD son like durin a RAIN DERLAY or some such SHIT we watch what the fuck JERRY SEINFELD AND GEROGE SEINFEIDL AND KARMER SEINFELD AND DONT FORGTE that hot BITCH ELAINE SEINFIELD be up to. but now this wekekend she AT YANKEE STADIMU reppin the oter NY tem. now lissen gil hate both thos tems so I DONT GIVE A FUCK but if u come to PHILEY an try to put some FUCKIN VOODOO hex on my BOYS and try to fuckin get them off they game WITH UR WOMANLLY CHARMS then me n SHSEP aint gonna have no choiCE but to take u to the 701 FUCK PALACE and give u the fuckin 701 SPECIAL and heres a hint its our DICKS