ASPFROTS FANS how hte FUCK you all doin me? IM DOIN FUCKIN GREAT SON got to hang out wit my CUZ tonigh in a DINER and just talked bout PUSSY so it wuz off the FUCKING HOOK basicly, but listen GIL GOT SOME HEAVIER SIHT then that to talk bout rite now. cuz rember how the PHILES were kinda SLUPING but no w they back PLAYONG BALL LIKE TRUE FUCKIN CHAMPINS?????/////

yo DSON this why th PHILS AINT Been as hot as USUAL dont worry tho they CMOOIN BACK QUIK

yeah well aint u wondered Y IT HAPPEND. well me n SHEPDAWG did the other fuckin NITE we were chillin in sheps basement AKA TEH 701s BALLER FUCKING LAIR WHERE WE BRIN G BACK BROADS and we wer like yo most REPROTERS like the writters from th INQURIEI or even that fuckin SHORT FUCKING GUY TIM KURKJIANANIANAKNA from the ESPN STATIION say its jus DA UPS AND DOWNS of a babsell seaon but this shits DEPPER THAN THAT SON. okay so ill tell ya how the SLUP strated. beginnin fthe season:: phiuls fuckin flyin high beatin the ATSROS AND NATINALS AND whoever tHE FUCK else cam Long but then they starte loosin just a little bit thrn a LOT> suddenl both their team VORP AND UZR fuckin dropped the FUCK OFF a cilff. WHY? alrite well they had a fEW bad games but it wasnt nutin to worry bout so they just chllin watchin that CLINTEASTWOOD FLIK GRAN TORINON. yo u prob seen it me n shep seen it like 10 fuckin time. but CHECK THIS this is were shit GET REAL CHARLIRE MANUEL turned it off before they COULD EVENN GET TO THE FUCKIN END SON. r u FUCKING SHITTIN ME CHARLIBE??? lissen BRAHS… i aint ever questoonin charlie he got a mad high BABSELL IQ dudes legit cuz dont think GIL AINT READ THSAT SPROTS ULLISTRATED ARTLE lasrt summmmer. but yo CHARLIE how the FUCK UR BOYS SUPPOSET to PREFORM on the field wehn they NERVOUS AS FUCKIN SHIT the whole tim wonderin YO WHAT THE FUCK GONNA HAPPEN TO WALT KOWAKI is he gon save TAO and therefor his OWN FUCKIN SOUL or is he just gonna kill sum of dose fuckin CHINESE PEOPL. see you dont know the answer til tge very END. who CAN EVEN PLAY UNDRE THAT STRESS not even chase FUCKIN UTLE&Y as we all seen he was PREOCCUPOIUED wonderin what hapend and GIL DONT BLAME HIM cuz he didnt even no if that BITCHASS SPIDER got hsi fuckoin COMEUPPANCE for rapin his cuzin yo thats a SPIOLER ALERT there sorry BRAHS IF U AINT SEEN IT YET, but anyways chasrlie u leanred ur lesson now. but u shouldve leAENR FUCKIN LAST OCTOBER IN THE BRONX (wish thAT SHIT WAS STILL BURNIN hahahahaha yo GET IT i just SAW THAT FUCKIN ESPN show called that,,, got them VHS TAPES FROM the library son FOR REAL didnt even hafrta pAY A RED CENT) byut anyways SAM PERLOZZO listen hes a real good dude but GIL HEAR FROM A RELIUABLE AS BALLS SOURCE that he told RYMAN HOWADR when he just popped in the fuckin SIX SENSE that BRUCE WILLS is dead THE WHOLE FUCKIN TIME and ryan aint even like 7 mins in.


so of course he play like SHIT BRAHS sure he had A HOME RUN but had like 40 Ks or some shit even some backward ones BTU GIL AINT BLAMING HIOM ONCE AGAIN cuz how FURSTRATOIN is that he FINALLT got a tape of this movie he wanted to C like MAD BAD and then fuckin SAM POWERLOSZZO ruins in like the FRIST SCENE. yo FUCK THAT. but anyways PHILS ARE BACK NOW WANNA NO WHY cuz commenter WAHHHHHHH notifid the 701 HEADQWRATERS that LIZZIE MCGUIRE move was on like aday otr TWO ago

YO SEXY BABBYY ya bailed out OUR PHILES again now put down that fuckin CONE and com give me NSHEP a cupple fuckin BLUMPKINS

i aint had my cable hooked up for a wekk and shep wasnt home but now the PHILS seen that shit ginally and were INSPIRED by the LIGHT nad hilary DUFFS mad BIG TITTIES so of cours they BACK MAN THEY AINT HARDLY BEN GONE