yo BRUH they sayed u were 5 for 1 but U WORTH % ummps and you cud KICK THEIR FUCKIN ASSS

yo SPROTS FANAS gil here been A LONG FUCKIN DAY and ive been just fuckin STEWING about this cALL last night that me N MY BOYY SHERP r ALREDY callin the worst CALLL OF THE COCKSUCKIN CENTRURY this shits WORSE THAN JUM JOYCES shit. u no that FUCKING GUY who caled DONAL SAFFE (it aint  DONALDS fAULT son he form PHILY so he just go all OUT and Got SHIT ON LOCK 247)/ but yeah that was just a fuckin LAME DUMBSHIIT game beteen the TIGES AND INDAINS who give a fuck I KNOW ME N SHEP DONT but yo let me gett to it to it the HOMEBASE UMP at the CADMEN RIVERSARTKS game last night mightve cost em the FUCKIN LIBERTY DIVISION TITTLE> lissent the scroe was 4-1 in the EIGTH the YORK REVOLUTINO was fuckin winning unFROTUNATLY but then your BOY 1 of my fave SHRAKS CHRIS MALEC strolllls up with the BASSES loaded and then that BITCH UMP calleed him out but lissen you ME SHEP AND VON FUCKING HAYES

DALLS GREN no WHAT THE FUCK UP prob tryna get a FUCKING VON HAYS atigraph afer las night

know MALEX aint gon around hell he got better PLATE DISCPKJENE than that. cant find the upmps name rite now btu is prob JUM JOYCES BRO like JOHN JOYCE OR JOE JOCYE OR SOME SHIT LIK THAT. yo but dont worry cuz VON HAYES SLAPPED HIM AROUd a lil bt liek fFOR REAL HE HIT HIM so behe got FUCKIN TOSSED OUT showed him how PHIL SPROTS role cuz u know the RSHARKS r philly SPROT STRAIGT UP and yeah gil kknow they in camden WHAT THE FUCK EVER. but von hays kept SH(Y REAL and thasd why hes goin on the list of HRADEST CORE.