yo BRAH grab your shoes and com the FUCK OVER youre gonna like PHILY so wil your MOM haha wink wink get it

YOOOOOOO sprots fans I NO its STANLEY CUP time but listen tjust wanted to rap at ya right quick about your SIXERS cuz listen its about time we get some revenge on the LARKERS and taht BITCH KOBE and listen GILS GOT THE SECERT FORMULA for how to get back on FUCKING TOP in one year so lisetn p and IM TALking to you too DOUG COLLINS. alright sign LEBORN JAMES dudes legit yeah yeah he melted down in the playoffs but GUESS WHAT that just cuz ME AND SHEP double teamed his old fucking lady and DELONTE just got sloppy THIRDS so we still give him RESPECT FOR that shi gettin wit a COUGAR but ANYWAYS just sayin thats all WATER UNDE R THE BIRDGE get over here LEBRON youre gonna look good in sixers RED AND BLUE baby. and if hts not gonna work wanna know whAT,  go to that old standby AI and i aint tLking about IGUODALA we need IVERSON back. yo that dude TSEPHEN A SMITH say AI got drinkin and gamblin problems but know what save all the money YOUD HAVE TO PAY LEBRON

come back BRAH well even FORGIVE THAT NEW YROK HAT cuz PHILLY alwaysll love ya YEAH BABY

and pay off AI S Bookies and shit andf buy him whatever booze he want and then HE GONNA BE HAPPY AS SHIT in the locker room and theregfore be  A POSTIVE INFLUENCE so then duedes like THAD AND JRUE AND MAREEEEEESE AND LOU AND HOPFULLY EVAN TURNEFR OR JOHN WALL can spread their FUCKING ANGEL WINGS and fly bitches. so yeah thats it in a nutshell get on it STEFANSKIO cuz thats how GILS SEES IT