GOOD EVVVVVVVEUBGB sprots fans IT YOUYR PAL GIL here just CAM BACK FROM PHILY AND SHIT was TIGHT. but watchin DOC HALLDAY pitch tonight got old GIL to thinkin and you know wat happens when I GET to thinkin it means IM COGITATIN on some fucking PHILLY SPROTS and gonna drop A TTRUTH BOMB or two on all yall. so yo rember WHEN dat PREECRT game of ARMANDA GALARAGGA was fucking RUINED by that ump JUM JOYCE (who was IN PHILLY tonight RMEBR DAT shits improtant).

lookin GOOD JASON wish you were still in PHILS RED but you hold SHIT DOWN in CLEVELEND

okay but now im gonna tell you SOMETHING THAT is gonna POEN your EYES and see tht PHILLY SPROTS goes even fucking FARTHER than just PHILADELPIA. okay so now GALAGGA had 26 OUTS and then guess who steps to the plate you wanna know JASON DONALD> no w you might be sayin whats the BIG FUCKIN DEAL dude hes just some guiy in the NINE HOLE `welelllllllllllll if you recall HES ONE OF THE DUDES AMAO traded for fucking CILFF LEE Rember him??? so yeah now he playing for the CLEVELAND REDSKINES ND hes there shortstp and guess whAT HE AINT FORGETTING HIS FUCKIN ROOTS THATS RIGHT BOYS. cuz he saw that DOC HALLDAY thre w a PERECT GAME justtheh other day and yo that shits ISTORICAL only happened twenty times yeah yeah I KNOW that DALLAS BRAGAIN did it and so did MRAK FUCKING BURLEY last year but yo who was the last be4 that like fucking DAVID CONE or FAT MAN WELLS yeah THATS RIGHT BRAH Been a WHILE. and he say somethin “YO I NEVER GOT TO be doc HALLDAYS temmate but hes on the PHILES now and I JASON DONALD STILL fuckin bleed PHILLIUES RED I just pretend since IM ON THIS SHIT IDNAIN team tghat its INDIAN RED but fuck THAT all you know you aint EVER TRULY LEAVE THEM RED PINSTRIPS” so he said then FUCK THIS AINT no one ONE UPPING DOC and the rest is HISTORY BRAHS it wasnt JIM JOYCES faulkt cuz you cant fuckin MESS WITH A PHILLY SPROT MAN WHEN he sets his mind to something AND THATS HOW GIL FUCKING SEES IT BITCHES PS dude SHEP just tole me this dude had A FUCKING WSLKOFF DOUBLE for thre IFGHITN PILS gainst the RAYS rember them from the world series SHITS HRADCRIE thats why were Aaddin JASON DONALD TO MOST HARDEST CORE and if ya dont like it better go find another FUCKING BLOG cuz yo know me an SHEP cant helkp but give it to you RAAAAWWWWW