okay so CHECK THIS SHIT OUT NESLON FIUGEROA dint wnaa goback to AAA becuse the fuckin FOODS proly better n they tlaked about how fuckin SWET it is to be the the fuckin BIG LEGES when they were on the fuckin BUS n KEVIN COTSNER who palyed BULL DURHIM n was telin MR SARNADONs carater bout goint o the fuckinSHOW memebr? cores you do that movies fuckin HARD CORE RIGHT

but NESLON was liek YO if I dohnt play for the fuckin {HILIES AAA tema then maybe some fuckin SHITY TEAM will teak me or fuckin WORSE NOBODYLL TAKE ME n he was liek THE GRASS INT ALWYS GRENENER n u no what hes fuckin RITE. besideds he get to play for the fuckin IRONPIGS n motherfuckar leme tell u that fuckin TEAM is the SHIT SON YES.


n they got WILY TAVERES TOO the nats dint wana pay himn hno more n that motherfucker can fuckin RUN hes no DOM BROWN but hes fuckin HARD CORE n i hope FIGGY can show him the fuckin ROPES