yoooo SPROTS fans THIS HERE is a new PSOT that me N SHEP might hit ya up wit time to time its CallED (as of now who the fuck kNOWS WE might change it) WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY AT NOW. tonights editions about ARBRAHAM NUNEZ. yo you guys rember ARNARHAM i just know it cuz I SEEM TO REVALL him bein orertty LEGIT.

WHAT UP BOSS we miss ya

so yeah MAYBE he didnt always HIT TOO GOOD but he was as SLICK AS A MOTHERFUCKRE down att the HOT CRONER dude as a matter of fact CODY OVERBECK remeinds old GIL of him you know th FSL ALL STAR THIRD BASEMAN FROM YHE THREASHERS THATS TIRIGHT son. also he ALWSY played behind JAMIE MOYER amnd guess whar JAMIE won FOURTEEN FUCKIN GAMES that year 2007 so NUMBERS DONT LIE. its too fuckin late right now for me to CLACAURLARE his VORP cuz my fuckin lil sis stealed my TI 89 hi tech shit but whatever that shits gotta BE OFF THE CHARTS. anyways listen up after dat the phils relasdd him and he bounced around and now he on the 22 man rister of the NEW JERSEY JACKALS WOOOOOOOOOOOO.,…!!!!! yo dont laugh PSORTS fans this teams pretty DAMN legit even if it aint the MLB its actually the CANADIAN-AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL. FOR RREALS they aint no fuckin JOKE even tho they got swepet by the WORCHESTER TORNADOES in the openin round og the playoffs last year FUCK WORCHESTER.and they been in the PALYOFFS 8 times and they aint even been created til 98 so thats therefore LEGIT AS FUCKIN HELL. okatso ARBRAHAM NUNEZ holds shit DOWN in the infield for em now they play at YOGI BERRA STADIUM which is fuckin MONTCLAIR university I THINK or at least close to it so check em it and now I SAY GO JACKALS cuz ABRAHAM ALWAYS be my boy wirhuout him this team wouldnt have fuckin POPPED THEIR playoff CHEERRY way back in 07