dudes want some runs and HE GONNA GET HIM TONIGHT BABY

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SPROTS FANS gil here how ya don IM DOING GOOD here chikllin out WIT SHEP yo guys I HAD A FUCKIN SWEET CHEESTEAJK FOR LUNCH my SISRTER got it for me CUZ she knew I WAS HUNGRY AND ALSO needd some FUEL for SPROTS watchin ttonight but okay wahetver eheres the MEAT of ths article CHARLUE is shakin things up tonight cuzthe PHILS gt shut out but the mets FORT THE HWOLE SERIES> yo guys dont worry and DONT EVEN LISTEN to them haters CUZ PHILS ARE ATILL The motherfuckin CLASS of the national league this shit aint over in may. but that BASEBALL MASTERMIND CHARLIE MANUEL is sittin JAYSON tongiht and CASTRP tonight and also PLACIDO tonight so yo sometimes you neeed a new strat and FRESF PERSPECTIVDE TO break outta that sliump thTS WHAT SARGE MATHEWS SAID and me n SHEP believe that DUDE cuz hes the TITS even ewnt to te WORLD SEIRES with em back in EIGHTY THREE so he aont NO SLOUCH.

yo duds the TITS and not sure but I THINk h just whipped OUT HIS BIG PIECE and thats HRADCORE

yo so GET THE NEW FACES IN shits like THE ROAD WARRIO remember twhen the THEY WANTED TO FUCKIN finally bust outta their FORT and GET TO THE VFREE WORLD but they were lil SCARD to do it alone so they kep TRYING TO GET MAX GOBSON to lead them and he didnt wwanna but then he learned that he should SO HE FFUCKIN DID and then the little FUCKING RETARDED CAVE KID eneded up being their leadrer and he was the NARRATOR THW WHOLE FUCKING TIME YOU BELIEVE THAT SPROTS FANS WREELL BELIEVE IT CUZ THAT SHIT HAPPEND and it BOUT TO HAPPEN AGAIN GO PHOLSSSSSSSSSSS