THAS RIGHT the philies arnt playin to good but thats ok cuz someitme the philies dont play to goods likee very year it seems like they get a bad strip o gamesw n u can be like WHAT THE FUCK but i ts cool yknow right. so like im rightin this right now its the 7th inning nad they down 5-0 n they havnt scired since GLODA hit the HR on fuckin SUNDAY n that HR dint mena SHIT not thta me n GIL DONT APRECITE the ffort but it take more n that.

btu i was wtahcing THE RODE WARIRO whihc is one of th best moves ever fuckin mad4e you no its got MAX GIBSON who played JESUS in that one movei and than it also has the indians fromb WIERD SIENCE member ar the partyy when GARY grew sxom balls n shot the shandelire? fuckin sweett ass movie right> so even MAX evn tho he had a gun n a swet ass car hne wasnt always winin fights n shit some timne he got hids fuckin ASS KICKED i no it hard to believe biut that shi9t is true first of all he lost his wife n kids in the first movie then hje tried to help these ppl by stealin a big fuckin TURCK to put gas in n get awya from there FORT but whe n he went to get the truck WEZ sambushed him n kilt his dog n then they blew up his car n the helcitpore guy saved him.


so like i guess what im tryna say is the PHILIES r like MAX GIBBSON n there on the RODE right now n there WARIORS to so it works n the METS are like fuckin WEZ cuz they def aint LROD HUMUNGUS but i think maybe the PHILIES are theyr OWN LORD HUMUNGUS or maybe theyr INJURIES are L<RDO HUMUNGOS but yu c what im gettin at here i got all that sahit fuckin figured the FUCK out accept WHOS GONA BE THE HELICTPOPRE GUYY that dsaves them I THINK JROLL maybne or juts maybe RYAN HOWARD or at leats a BUNCHA FUCKIN HOMERUNS will be the helicotpr guy that saves them n then they can GET AWAY with the sexy lady n the dirty retarded kid with the bommreang which could be like the NATIONAL LEGUE EAST but in the meantimne theyr bleedin n hidin behind a fuckin ROCK but itl get bettwr i swear ljust like MAX GIBSON.