GOOOOOOOOOOOD MOOORNING SPROT FANs did ya miss me it s me GIL havent gotten to RAP AT ya in a little bit whats good really thats good to heasr IM GLAD YOU ALL ARE habing good day me too its been nice out okay. YO BUT% LISTENT UP more 76ers NEWS thats big and ALMOST AS FUCKING IMPROTANT as the DARFT NEWS they got a new coach and hes fucking BOMB LET ME TELL YUOU WHY. his names DOUG COLLINS


which is already probably makin you fel GOOD ABOUT YOURSELVES cause its a better name than EDDIE GFUCKING JORDAN this guy will INSPIR E THE SIXERS cuz you all know since you HRADCORE how fucking talnted they are I MEN hell they got talent comin OUT OF AL THER ASSES from the VETS like ELTON BRAND AND IGUODALA to the young GUYS like MAREESE SPEIGHTS AND ESPECIally my fucking BIY JRUE HIOLIDAY. they juyst need some GODDAMN DISCIPLINE like how if your POP would fucking BEAT YOU OR WHATEVER you probably did more shit he wantd you to yo IM NOT SAYING THATS A GOOSD THING PARENTS YOU SHOUKDNT FUCKING HIT YOUR KIFDS cuz that AINT GOOD BUT listemt to what GIOLS ABOUT TO SAT. as a coach, you GOTTA HAVE RESPECT you gotta have some fuckin TREET CRED OKAY that shita important whether youre playi A SPRO or at your job or BABYSITTING SOME CHIDREN or actually on the FUCKING LITERAL STREET. cuz then you get RESPECT, and the MONEY AND THE PUSSY im tryna quote fuckin SCVARFACE right there but I CANT remebver the exact words sorry guys i know you might be diappointed but DONT FUCKING WORRY EVEN im gonna check that IMDB SHIT after but IM ON A ROLL NOW CANT STP GIL. listen CHARLIUES a LEGIT MANGER cuz he aint afaraif to bench JIMMY if he late or dggin it and now is ever late or doggin it NOOO he do it RIGHT Now cuxz charlie taught him. EDDIE didnt wanna teach these guys me AND SHEP read his fucking JOURNAL cuz he had that SHIT SAVED on his laptop on MICROSFT WORD when me and SHRP stole it that one FATEFULL evening. but anyways yall I THINK DOUG COLLINS HAS got the rIGHT FUCKING STUFF this dude GIT DARFTED by the sixers and played here and was  MOTHERFUCKING ALL STAR

I THINK This is the SCEN E where thwyre talin about PUSSY

so he nkows what to expect he probanly even knows a lotta people so hes gonna be cool also HE LIKES A CHALLENGE so he aint gonna back donw HES NO FUCKING PUSSY HE robabl onlu likes to GET A LOT OF PUSSY HAHAHA actually I DONT KNOW THAT FOR A FACT SPROTS FANS but snyway I BET he does cuz I KNOW ME N SHEO DO. anyway if you want the LONG AND SHIRT OF THAT SHIT this fucking GUYS signed for 4 YEARS he used ti coach the BULLS ANDF THE WIZARDS AND ONE other time OH YEAH IT WS STHE PISTONS GIL REMEMBERS NOW> okay thats all you fucking need to know waan a know why cuz youll learn the REST ON THE COURT and at ahte end of the seadon me and SHEP ll do a fucking RETROSPECTIVE but thats hw HISTORY IS FUCKING MADE THROUGH DEEDS NOT WORTS remember that shit YALL PEACE ITS YOUR BOY GIL oh wait I FFOGRGOT one more thing IM GOIN TO THE BLUE CLAWS gam this SUNDAYgonna be the SHIT gonna KILL VIRGINIA alright peace out for real  now BRAGHS I wanna get some BREAKFADT as usual you all knoq me WANT A BAGAL OKAY AND MAYBE SMOE ORANGE JUICE MAKE ME FEEL GOOD