YO SPROTS fans sorry hes in a GIANTS unirform but it had the words COCK and GIANT in one pic so therefore its FUCKING LEGIT and HARDORE

YO SPROTS FANAS if yuore not as FUCKING PSYCHED UP as YOUR OLD PAL AND FELLOW SPROT FAN GIL is right now than you probably havent heard about the motherfucking LEHIGH IRON PIGS AND their sweetass win last night that had a LITTLE BIT of everything youd ove from a baseball gams THATS AMERICAS PASTTIME so okay heres what happend. alright s0 BRANDOM DUCKWORTH strated the game for the PIGS and dude was fucking MONEY. 5 innings pitched only TWO EARNED RUNS that aint shit cause wait til you hear what JOHN MAYBERRY JUNIOR DID at the plate but hold on I gotta finish this part first cause it fucking BOMB AS HELL SONS> alright so DUCKworth (already got some hardware by the way 2001 IL most valuable pitcher SUCK ON THAT STRASBURG you dont got shit yet on our boy BRANDON) was resigned on a MINOR LEAGUE CONTRACT cause yo you may recall SPOTS fans that we traded him for BILLY WAGNER but then we rezlied that the guy was AN ASS HOLE and then PAT THE BAT said he was a RAT (whoa sweet rhyme right) so we really knew it was true.


anyone point is that hes back and FUCKING LEGIT cant wait to see him in  a PHILS UNIFORM. but heres the best PRAT john fucking mayberry went 4 FOR ^6 with a HOME RUN AND DOUBLE SO THIS fucking giy just needed a TRIPE for the cycle but ohwell he was STILL HARDCORE AS A MOTHERFUCING PROFESSIONAL HARDCORE GUY LIKE for example ME AND SHEP. braves tied it up but they were kinda cheatin cause they had like JORDAN SCHAFER AND GREGOR BLANCO playin asnd Ive seen those motherfuckes on the ATLANTA bravs but whatever it didnt matter cause in the top e of the fifteenth inning your boy and MY FAVORITE BRIAN BOCOCK hit A GAME WINNING SAC FLY SUCK ON THAT BRAVES hope CHIPPER AKA LARRY HEARD ABOUT this shit so he KNOEWS a BIG BOCOCK IS just waitin in the minors to COME GET HIS ASS