That’s right spotrs fans its MAY 17 and that means JUNE is just around the fuckin cornr and here at the 701 COMPOUTND june means only one thing and thats NEW YORK – PENN LEAGUE SHORT SEASON CLASS A BABSELL or more specificalyl time for the fuckin CROSSCUTTERS of WILLIAMSPORT PA to kick some fuckin asssw like they did in 2001 and 2003 YES!!!! BUY TICKETS NOW THEYR STILL AVAIALBE CLICK HERE

this is ther ALTERNATE LOGO but its pretty fiuckin awesome especially if you like that show AX MEN which is like DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER but if DOG hunted TREES

SO JUNE 18 is just a MONTH AWAY so we can start  the offical CROSSCUTTERSS COUNTDOPWN available ONLY RIGHT HERE at teh SEVEN O’ONE keep it dialed in cuz you mutherfuckars all know thjat ME AND GIL keep it RAW amnd HARDEST CORE just the way yopu like it.

The CROSSCUTTERS are a lot of fun to watch you know its a short season and last year AUSTIN HYATT struck out 81 and LEANDRO CASTRO was fuckin BOSS last year too and already those guys are comin up and maki9n names shit last week HYATT kicked ass and CARSTO hit a Grand Sla,m so you never know what kind of awesome shit your gonna see out there in the middle of PENNSYLVANIA. Shit Il let you in on a secret you know tjhey got none other than JUSTIN LONG playin for em this year too

that’s tright this guy from WAITING… which was the real funny prequel to STILL WAITING…

They play at Bowman field in WIlliamsport which is 3 hours from Phily and its worht a trip because first of all its phily sprotsw and second its cheap and thrid its babsell and last of all youl do it if you really are HARDEST CORE and if your reading then thats what we KNOW you are.