HEY SPORTS FANS Just got outta work early and wanted to hjit ALL YALL with a quicj update… okay so heres the 411 YOUR FLYERS at BOSTON tonight at 7… so be there or be in PHILLY BEST SPRTS CITY SO BE THERE ACTYALLU NOT BOSTON. GAME 7 ya gotta believe boys, just like TUG MCGRAW SAID AND HE WAS THE FUCKING MAN!!!!! I know he was a phils player, comeon guys but its like me and shep alwas=ys say ALL PHILLY SPROTS ARE AWESOME so you can interchange what they say really on the different teams.AND your Fightin Phils are playin the Brew CREW at 8:10 finally, cant wait to see JAMIE MOYER own that fat shit Prince Fielder what kind of name is that even I dont know but I know in PHILLY we wouldnt tolerate that bullshit. Oh but heres Gil’s quick EDITORIAL sorry to get deep on all your asses but I thought it was HILARIOUS was PRiNCe did that shit last year where he jumped and all the breweres fell DOWN because it was funny and FUN AS shit and that’s what sports are all about, BROSEPHSKIS. It’s like when CHASE yealled “WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS” it wasnt really approved but you all know it was FUN AS SHIT. OH and I meant to write about DESean Jackson”s comments that got that BITCH MCNABB all pissey but I don’t got time now but thats why his pics up there. anyway I KINDA still liked MCnabb but I see hes just a little bitch now. PEACE ITS FRIDAY BITCHES